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Nov 2015
You wanna trade for my bachelor life?
Leave a nice home and picket fence?
be warned its not loving or forgiving.
This road you walk is lonely one,
Paved with stained bedsheets
and empty bottles
its not worth giving up Paradise.

I'll trade kindly,
you take this life of freedom and anxiety, while ill take your love, affection, stability, and eternal happiness.
Im done with this curse,
you can have it.
waking up with a nameless face,
awkward mornings, and
lonely cigarette filled nights...
ill take sharing a bed
with a beautiful woman,
cuddling close
make her feel safe and warm.
taking heavy burdens in life
and claim them as my own.
bringing a fragment of
Prince charming to life.
I write in conclusion
to whom it may concern,
          If for a second she is not enough to you, leave.
You will find yourself in a ruthless place where every man is for himself.
Scared of sacrifice and romance.
Believing that what women truly want is a great *** partner and a free meal,
instead of making her feel like theres no one else in the world but her,
that look you can give that makes her feel special in any of her moments.
kyle Shirley
Written by
kyle Shirley  25/M/Kalamazoo
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