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Camille Koser Sep 2015
One more condescending look .......

When your young they tell you a child is a crutch
Believe me hon before I had her I was crushed

and I will go off cause ......

Gods kinda funny right when you feel the weight of the world
God will come back right  around and give you a baby girl.

I will shock you

I was the paper pinned between the rock and the hard place
no more round and round cause she staring me in my face

because I will be the best young mother

Don't get me wrong  teen pregnancy is the never a good thing
It is just some times its the best thing.

So go ahead judge me
For a gift God let me have
Its not a good one but i was up late
Camille Koser Sep 2015
Is my life one worth making
I know it's not just me feeling this ground shaking.
I try to walk but can't move sit but stand still
I have gotta love this dynamic will
But what will happen now
No more parle-ing or functioning
I can see and feel it and its the time that's changing
Just let me love feel and breath with out
eyes watching I just want to care
and let 'em know I believe in 'em
I know I meant to have your back
But who has mine when things are holding me back
It's trash talk but you know
Camille Koser Sep 2015
she walks across my mind
she bends around my spine
a queen that moves each tide
she wins battles of will
she is a strong but beautiful still
and I promise that you ****
cause,who is she but only the soldier in me
Sometimes I wish I could find the soldier in me
Feet on the floor,
Brains against the wall.
So many thoughts I had to escape them all.
A call for help is all I'll ever be;
Cause no one dares to lend an ear to me.
The saddest thing you could ever be,
Is young and unhappy.
I love the connotation and denotation of the phrase "young and unhappy". The whole concept of youth is something I don't quite fully understand. The general public has this unhealthy obsession with youth  or the their idea of youth. Honestly, it's not all it's cracked up to be. Youth is more of a state of mind more than anything.
Camille Koser Sep 2015
Drunk and poured my heart out next thing you know I was pouring my guts out in a trash can. You got me vulnerable holding my hair getting me some ibuprofen . Look at you trying to look out. I already looked out I see the cards in your hand. Carelessly I played into your plan.
Wrote this a min. ago was suppose to be to a rap I was writing that I just did not finish.
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