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Alex Gifford Jun 2020
Every year comes less defining.

Deeper roots and with less pining.

Past decisions, cobblestone.

Better think before you sow.
Juwayriya May 2020
As though living the life itself is not stressful
People expect me to plan my life and every action.
winter child Apr 2020
5 years later—
I still wanna be me.
more a listener,
minus anxiety.
5 years later—
I still wanna have a room,
with a big glass window
where I keep my feelings on display
in the highest floor of a skyscraper,
to catch more of sunlight
so I don’t have anymore trouble
to be more opened up.
5 years later—
I wanna read myself better
and be more careless about people.
kids might be an option,
but I still wanna share the bed with my cat.
Ken Pepiton Apr 2020
Its possible to imagine reading this on you tube live,

it can happen, it aint Wutang wu wei woo woo dangle

bait, bait, betcha
betcha did, betcha won and didn't know it,

down to the dimple in the chin, a Haps

pers happenstance of time and chance, all we know

it gets thrown in the mix and out comes

that's what's happening. Roll the bones.

The lot is cast into the lap, but the whole dis
of... the lot, the die, the rolled filipped coing coing cong

{stop} re en state

What was the last co-gent, co-gentle, thought?

Religrelegreligreleg etaoinshrdlu to you. FS.

AH, fightin' words, kettle drums, Tibetan gongs,

Hopi Kokapelli flute,
sweet, a turkey gobbled outside my window

and I laughed, and that did good,
like a medicine.
AI landmark
As a hunter would wait
And watch from far away,
He always knew he have to work silently
To get his hand on his prey,
In the time he would keep
Himself hidden in green,
He would scheme and plan
Before he takes his aim,
Hear and sense, and dont just trust
Be a like hunter and dont fall for bait,
The vicinity is vitiate
Its full of foul intent,
If you don't stay alert you would fall like icarus,
See the world as facade
And keep conscience sharp as blade,
Depict yourself sagacious
And slain judas without lament.
Anastasiia Jan 2020
Having an intention of doing something
is more powerful
than just saying
'I want to do this',
'I am going to do that'
(before the actual action).

Having an intention
involves powers higher
than yourself,
helping you,
arranging events,
and means

'You are not alone in this,
We are helping you'
says the holy voice.
you and the divine are one;
ask and  so shall be.
Sarah Delaney Jan 2020
Failure is essential for growth as rain is for flowers
Failure teaches us the hardest lessons
But failure always leads us to where we are meant to be

Blurry Vision Jan 2020
I had a plan that at age twenty five i would end it all.

I had a plan that at age 25 i would take my life.

I had a plan that one day i wouldn't be here anymore.

I had a plan that one day i wouldn't exist.

I have a plan to live my life out.

I have a plan to love.

I have a plan to care.

I have a plan to dream.

I have a plan to soar.

One day i'll reach the end,
Right now is not the time.
Star BG Jan 2020
And I shall be of substance now
for thee the flowers inside eyes.
When life ends to display its wrath,
the ground waits for to spout.

I shall kiss from dirt the time,
where people cease to walk in dark.
Where essence it still lives beyond,
the rustling of the trees.

I do bow in thought of leaves,
that for a time must die as me.
To crumble as flowers perish,
to reinvent new style.

Yes, in moment sadness comes,
to see great life fall to the ground.
But then I know the truth is told...
it will next season grow.

Cry I shan’t for death of plants
that all have their life span as me.
For yes we all are one in same
in grace of God's sweet song.
Inspired by Kieran dacey boylan’s
who posted poem The Death Of The Flowers by William Cullen Bryant---Thanks
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