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Trying desperately not to forget what is feels like to live. But I fear I am doing it wrong.
Poetry is one of the many things that keeps me sane.


Mateuš Conrad Nov 2018
what could possibly be a logical joke,
akin to: 1 + 1 = 2... ha ha! type?
i can't think of logical joke,
comedy is beyond being calculated,
it can be properly
  executed within the realm
of punctuation a drop-line...
  but that's about as far as logic
centers around comedy...
   only recently i revealed
that i am arachnophobic...
   (rob zombie - the girl who loved
the monsters)...
           i am... i see a spider
the size of a thumb...
     i'm like: jeez! get that thing
away from me!
you know how comedy exists
in logic?
             it exists in phobias...
given that phobias are illogical...
well... that's still the antonym of
  yes... i know the spider
is only the size of my thumb...
but phobias... ha ha!
there's something obvious about
the joke of phobias,
as there's also an ontology binding
  arachnophobia? is spontaneous,
it's a reflex reaction...
  and that's the logical joke...
the illogical fear...
   funny... really funny...
this progressive term...
what is it... hmm...
     - this really comes as a reiteration...
how can i be, "islamophobic"?
where's the reflexive reaction
upon seeing a Muslim in full
religious attire?
where's the principle of phobia
being acted on?
the reflex reaction?
where is...
phobias are the jokes of logic,
and the comedy of logic is:
that they summon illogical
reactions to the altar of relativism...
ergo... if i'm scared of
a thumb sized spider in the shed,
i should be scared of my thumbs...
islamophobia is such a made-up
what logic is logic to me,
behind the spider?
            em... i'm trying to tickle
& trickle god into all of this...
but i can't...
what sort of logic is behind
the spider?
   a spider, like all animate beings...
well... even trees are animate...
in slow-motion (phototropism)...
what logic is there?
there is no logic to them...
they are purely empirical reactionaries...
there's no logic,
because there's no consciousness
of thought,
the senses are too inclusive
of themselves,
to allow an exclusivity that
might make their being
impregnated with thinking,
fertile with thought...
ah... i see the joke...
my phobia is funny...
   ha ha...
    you want to experience
a fear of god?
          find your phobia...
sure, the spider has no knowledge
of logic, but whatever "created"
the spider has placed an irrational
fear of the spider, and lodged
it into my general standard
of logic...
i see the fear of god in a spider,
as i also see the comedy...
phobias are categorized by
irrational reflexes,
   they are a set of cognitive reflexes...
so... why is the term islamophobia
so bogus?
what... you think that when
i see a woman in a burqa
my "natural" reaction is:
a reflex, 'kin to the words:
  oh ****! a suicide bomber!
     this term is what the ancient
Greeks would call:
what the **** are you talking about?!
(said really quickly).
- but that's the nature
of phobias... and the nature
of the comedy of logic...
it is derived from phobias...
i can acknowledge the comedy
of being "afraid" of spiders...
not all...
   it's not exactly a fear...
it's not a disgust...
it's a reflex reaction i have
       from god knows where...
  you can't associate Islam with
an attache of: phobia...
like i said... a phobia is the joke
of my own logical conclusion...
i'm laughing at the illogical
premise... my cognitive reflex
and subsequent ****** reaction...
since there is no logic
behind a spider,
only the illogical pure empirical
functioning of the being...
and... past the "illogical"
nature of the spider -
the logic of a "god"...
    **** contemplating god
using the spider,
and, "the architect" reflected
in the spiderweb...
i'm going after the joke...
but... Islam as a phobia?
last time i heard...
Islam wasn't illogical...
it was just a logic different
to my own...
so... where's the joke?
where's the grand phobic
reflexive stand?
   i'm like the ancient Greeks...
what the **** are you talking
   (said really quickly)...
it's no phobia to be apprehensive,
        a bit like...
          heating up oil in a frying
pan... and the moment
just before you drop in the potato
chips one by one...
   has the water been properly
drained from them?
or hasn't it...
and the oil will go crazy?
that's not a phobia...
   a phobia is the comedy of logic;
but Islam is a logic
of its own kind...
  a phobia is trans-national /
  trans-ethnic, trans-gender, trans per se,
     so why do i not retract
with a reflex upon seeing a Muslim
in his religious attire?
like i would with a spider
in a shed the size of my thumb?
so... what Islamo-phobia?
Keva Minus  Nov 2013
Keva Minus Nov 2013
I am trapped in my own memories, an endless whimper through frail bones.
Despite the clocks ceaseless “Tick Toc”, I remain in my own fearful zones.
The sweat drizzles down my heart, Anxiety rushes through my veins.
Stay away from me love, NO NO NO, I don’t want the Pain.
I feel you lurking through those dark corners, I’m afraid.
Running from the fear of you, out of my body I have strayed.
I don’t want you to burn my soul, crush my aorta into stones.
Your trying to pierce my heart, I’m terrified, please leave me alone.
I've met you; I've savored your sweet honey taste in slow sips.
That was before the honey bees came to sting my coated lips.
The horror, the thought of love, the feeling of love is terrifying.
Is love really the phobia, or is it the hurt that I am memorizing.
It all boils down to love; it is out to get me, to hurt me.
How do I make it go away, how do I make it FLEE, FLEE, FLEE.
It's creeping around my lonely heart, to feel is what I fret.
I hide, but love removes my hands from my beating chest.
Persistent, don't you get the point of my reaction.
Love, why do you wish to grant me dissatisfaction?
I know, I want you, I want you it's true.
I'm so afraid of what damage, maybe wonders you may do.
What will you do? Please don't hurt me anymore.
I picked up those pieces that you left broken before.
I will get over this fear, If you show me a little, just a little grace.
Kiss me softly, I will open my tightened eyes, to see your beautiful face.
Even then my palms will be damped with frightful anticipation.
You penetrated your way inside of me, Love you are penetrating!
Please stay this time, I'm really afraid that you will go!
To have love away from me, I can't stand it, I don't know!

**My phobia is not having you Love!
Not having you is my Phobia.
Loving is not the Phobia!
The Phobia is loving not!
By: Keva Minus ©