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Colm Jul 2017
Tonight I get to do what I was meant to do
To be who I was meant to be
And although every eyeball in every line of sight may be fixated on me
For an hour or so
That doesn’t change the fact that I
Was meant to step out this stage and to bend like a bow
As I did in the days of old
Such talent is still stretched within me
That I should perform, and that I should play, most doggedly
Until the finely threaded twine within my mind begins to unwind
And I am straight as an arrow hence
Laying on the table before, how I once had said
That I hope I can return once more for that again
But not for this I said
Not for this
Sometimes you need to stop before you can keep going. *nod nod*
JR Rhine Nov 2016
Smoke scintillated by ***** lights
Scent of cheap beer and cigarettes
Arms and legs and heads and butts

In a space ejecting bravado
responding to the auricular bludgeons
plucking veins and boiling blood
arms and legs flailing like spiders
hammered by raindrops

Calloused voices scream through feedback
eking out of anguished amplifiers
while jungle drums synchronize hearts
to their frantic pulse

New friends old friends celebration
in sweaty embraces chanting screaming
stumbling outside the gates of eternity
sidewalk where we gathered round the sordid soapbox
and cast beleaguering gargantuan buildings
and endless cataclysmal streets
into abeyance

to prance along these old sidewalk cracks
stumbling along cigarette butts and beer cans
efflorescing under amative neon lights whose bombinate glow
tingles our skin and dazzles our eyeballs
rolling back into our skulls in the wake of ecstasy
billowing over our ambulant bodies

Friday nights
     Saturday nights
              Sunday nights
skipping school on a week day
braving city night life to find us in the nooks
they forgot to sweep out
where trash collects and pretends
to be unwavering and implacable
for a moment

Til it's back on the streets we spill out upon like puke
like the beer sticking to checkerboard floors
and we float home on the feedback high singing in our ears to sleep
dreaming of these ecstasies as something perennial
in punk lover's dreams

Pure when we're filthy.
Listen to Beach Slang.
JR Rhine Aug 2016
And so here it is:
My secrets, my fortune!
The untold treasure harbored within my mind--
impeccable wisdom, and tormented genius!

I come to find illumination
and write poems--
in such a fashion as this:

It is I,
with heart on my sleeve
where I cough and sneeze,
becoming mired and virulent--
utterly human and fraught
for the world to see.

The magician who empties his sleeves,
overturns his top hat,
shying off his smooth pallid gloves!

Lies down on stage,
in a pool of my own blood and *****,
retching, trembling, aching,

gasping for air
roasting under an inquisitive lonely spotlight
I stare into
with a distant and longing gaze--

Eyes vacuous,
bulbous in sick contortion bulging veins popping
cracked lips gaping mouth tongue waggling speaking in tongues
choking air and body trembling in hideous convulsions--

for what benefit have I,
to purport and distort myself
in such a fashion?

It is for the sake of humanity,
in the flagellation of the human conscience
as it queries further
into the ambiguous amorphous impalpable
dark matter of the universe--

it is for our sake,
our illumination,
that I retch, and I ache.

Take note.
gray rain Apr 2016
Shaking hands
stuttering speech
nervousness takes over me
bass in hand
I take the stage
no other option
I must stay

I steady my hands
and try not to speak
controlling my mind
bass in hand
on the stage
no other option
I must stay

can't turn back now
must look away
calm myself
bass in hand
now center stage
no other option
I must play
I'm performing a bass solo tomorrow and this is how I feel about it.
Julie Langlais Mar 2016
Someone exploiting their position of power is viewed as insecure and ignorant, for thinking that's how you lead a successful team.
People don't respect a useless leader.

Jl 2016
Good leaders  are respected and followed out of trust and respect. If you force people to follow you, most of them will not perform to their best abilities.
That's just my opinion.
Rockie Mar 2015
It's like a play
A show
A film
A performance
That there is on
The scenes
And behind
The scenes
Yet on is my front
And how I seem to be
While behind
Is what I really feel
rae luna Feb 2015
i do not understand
why you only see your flaws
when you are so wonderful in my eyes
i watch you perform
i watch your eyes light up
and i see the smile on your face that is rare these days
you may think you aren't good enough
but if you could only see how wonderful you are
how you continue to inspire me and all of us
how much envy i hold when i see your talents
i wish i had your confidence
and the ability to do what you do
i hope one day you realize the wonderful things that you do
are not just for others
but for you
a poem for a friend
Amitav Radiance May 2014
If the world’s a stage, we are the poorly rehearsed actors, who are expected to, always play to the gallery.*- Amitav
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