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Jenish Apr 2020
sin adheres firmly
like a blood ******* vile leech -
doer never spared.
Colm Jul 2017
Tonight I get to do what I was meant to do
To be who I was meant to be
And although every eyeball in every line of sight may be fixated on me
For an hour or so
That doesn’t change the fact that I
Was meant to step out this stage and to bend like a bow
As I did in the days of old
Such talent is still stretched within me
That I should perform, and that I should play, most doggedly
Until the finely threaded twine within my mind begins to unwind
And I am straight as an arrow hence
Laying on the table before, how I once had said
That I hope I can return once more for that again
But not for this I said
Not for this
Sometimes you need to stop before you can keep going. *nod nod*
Jayanta Jun 2014
received a mail
from asylum ,
send a check list
Who is allowed to  
Visit the place!
These are
Doer for betterment of everyone,
Crusader of humanity
Harbinger of nature
Achiever of truth
Onlooker and caretaker
of concord.......
I couldn't able to positioned myself with any one
So, decide to stay on this planet only!

— The End —