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sc May 2015
every time i see your headlights come up the road
and pull into my drive
my stomach turns and my heart races
just like the first time i saw them
sc Apr 2015
You are the stars I see in my dreams
Not like the ones in space
You are brighter and bigger
And light up the sky more than the sun
I woke up at 3 am yesterday morning and this happened.
sc Apr 2015
fragile aren't you
no more running
no more walking
your bones have lost their strength
your mind has wondered off
will it return?
do you remember the simple things
like names
and numbers
or the color of his eyes
sc Apr 2015
in a mere second, the words "i can't live without you" become a simple cliché that diminishes from the tip of his tongue and slips right through his lips
words that you once heard from his intoxicating voice
thinking about the nights when you felt so alone beside him, craving for his touch
he was an addiction, a drug, a dependency, and a virus
you were an addict of love, of something that no longer exists
as you try to crawl your way back to what you can't have
and when its 3 am and your ears are pounding
its his name running through them
but he has music playing in his ears
while the addiction continues to dominate you
there may be some lines I've already used before but i really like how this turned out
sc Mar 2015
breathing together
you and i
all in one motion
we are one
i feel your fingers on my skin
mapping the sky on my back
adding each constellation
one by one

and then my mind goes back
to the simple things
like the first time my hand fit gently in yours
or how your lips felt on mine the very first time

in my head i remember your whispers
the little things you say to me
and how i get that feeling in my stomach when i think
about how you give me goose bumps

i have never felt this way
but i am sure glad
this feeling won't go away
the feeling of you and i
sc Feb 2015
i do not understand
why you only see your flaws
when you are so wonderful in my eyes
i watch you perform
i watch your eyes light up
and i see the smile on your face that is rare these days
you may think you aren't good enough
but if you could only see how wonderful you are
how you continue to inspire me and all of us
how much envy i hold when i see your talents
i wish i had your confidence
and the ability to do what you do
i hope one day you realize the wonderful things that you do
are not just for others
but for you
a poem for a friend
sc Jan 2015
"no no no"* he said
and he tuned his back away from me
and grabbed his backpack and jacket
in one swift motion
he was out the door
and he was destroying everything and everyone in his path
including himself
and soon
he had nothing
he had no one
and he wanted it all back
but he never said a word
a little bit of a story
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