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hey pete!
by michael r. burch

for Pete Rose

hey pete,
it's baseball season
and the sun ascends the sky,
encouraging a schoolboy’s dreams
of winter whizzing by;
go out, go out and catch it,
put it in a jar,
set it on a shelf
and then
you'll be a Superstar.

Note: Pete Rose was my favorite baseball player as a boy; this poem is not a slam at him, but rather ironic commentary on the term “superstar.” Keywords/Tags: Pete Rose, baseball, season, star, superstar, sun, sky, schoolboy, dreams, winter, spring, summer, Cincinnati Reds, Big Red Machine, Elite Eight, Charlie Hustle, Hit King
He carries the gravity of push and pull
he controls the lights and dreams
he's the sound of night,
he's the silhouette in room.

He manipulates the mist
he don't know if he'll be back again
tell me if he'll going to save the day
because the story of love will end at night.

He could be the superman
in story line
he could be a superstar
he controls the space and time
he carries his light and shadow
tell me, how it hurts when he looks at you.

He could carry, manipulate
and control everything
but there's only thing
that he can't do...
Ivan Brooks Sr Jan 2018
The stage is set..
The red Light's on ,
The condition is right ,
It's time to shine my son !
The time has come,
The world is ready ...
Superstar Welcome home,
Do them ***** !

Become a sensation,
In you a star is born ...
You are my inspiration,
Blow the poetic horn,
The world's watching...
Just keep going !
Don't stop creating,
Keep up the grinding...
Maybe from the onset,
You will be wrong..
Don't you ever get upset,
Like kunta Kanti,be strong !

Flex your muscle...
And keep pushing ,
And own your hustle .
Like a scribe ,keep writing ...
Stay active,
Keep grinding,
Remain calm but be passive,
Some day you gonna make it !
Don't wait ,
keep pushing..
Don't ever Quit !
keep writing ...
Make yourself at home ,
Poetic Avatar ...
The time has come
Mr ball-pen superstar !

~Ivan Brooks Sr. ~
twitter @ivaclappers
There's time for everything...and when it was time for his star shine , like an AVATAR ,he was colorful and blissful beyond measure..
He became the Ball pen Superstar .
Lunar Aug 2017
he strums
the steel strings
of his guitar
akin to the strings
of my heart
     that I wear on my sleeve

he echoes
quiet unspoken
through a
loud medley of
     that his heart and soul bleed

so in time
for him
I'll voice and play
to reach out
and give back
to him someday
     like how he reached out to me
For Meg,
and how she wants to reach Day6/Jae
through her guitar.

she plays so well! check her guitar covers out: @everyjae on twt :)

Nexus Sammy Sep 2016
Its a Sunday
Let's see the Sun
But what of if
You do not shine
Does it mean
You can't see the sun
Or you're too dull to shine
No,you are simply
A rising star
The one that shines
When the sun is asleep
Talents are different
But soon your trail
Shall shine like diamond
Who said"for you to shine you have to do what others do"simply be you and leave a trail.
I never thought that a three second eye contact
Could rock my world like this
I just wanted you to notice me
It was never my intention to fall
I don't know where I lost control
Must have been somewhere between your smile and the way you dance

You have marked my notebook
But your smile left a mark on my heart and mind too
You are everywhere I go
And everyone I see
Take my heart with you
I don't need it without you

**I think I better Ron (run)
Fangirling. I dedicate this to the boy who made my day extraordinary. This is for you Ron Mclean Galang. <3
Gavin Barnard May 2015
My intrapersonal personality
Is anything but close to reality.
Labeled as an INFP,
Falsified truths are there for me.

Constipated with imagination
And full of impossible destinations,
Building up my anticipation
For untractable proclamations.

The superstar in my heart
Doesn't know where to start.
They all claim I'm super smart
But I know I'm just a spare part.

Sealed in my room with a single outlet,
Alone with my imagination but no intent.
A poet by choice but human by heart,
Standing on my own, playing my part.

I never had a beginning
But I'm already winning.
An ace in the sky,
The wild card sent to die.

I've already have my piece of the pie,
And it was all just a D.I.Y.
Lunar Aug 2014
since i'm no one special
but just another wide-eyed girl
desperately falling in love with you

with my face that blend into the crowds
yelling your name as they reach out for you

and my words and rapid heartbeat
swallowed down by their screams

i can only hope you take at least
one look in my direction
and i'll take it as if you looked at me
like we were the only ones in that room
So, my crush at school is turning out to be the campus crush. and pretty much the whole country might be after him soon. slim chance.

i did come across him one time, but **** i couldnt get a picture with him cause he was just so good looking and tall and i chickened out cause i was short and feeling horrible like a ****. haha

first stanza inspired by taylor swift's song 'superstar'.

— The End —