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Spriha Kant Jul 2020
Whirling in your charm
I crave for owning tiara
ornamented with your love.

No matter what you are ,
but a king throning on my heart.
Jayantee Khare Aug 2019
a girl, gorgeous
her attitude, gregarious
confident and cognizant.....
having high values
and spiritual virtues
mannerisms regal,
undeterred by negative people
loving, caring and sharing....

when encountered a test
laid down by destiny,
for her patience, tolerance and acceptance...
all efforts to crush her beaming self esteem
go in vane!
moves on with an all new glory,
one more embellishment in her tiara!
Just a thought creeped in!
Meera Oct 2018
All you see is a smile on her face
Or how she walks with elegance and grace
How her laughter echoes in the air
And how the wind moves her hair
You see her lips painted in red
You see the tiara placed on her head
You see everything she lets you see
But what you don’t see is the real ‘she’  
If you really want to see her, get closer
See her anxieties, strangled together
Look at her tears, she hides them better
Look at her soul, a withered flower
Close your eyes, if you want to see more
Can you see that pain, there is lot more
These criss-cross lines you feel on her arms
They are the traces, of her hidden scars
See there in the corner, her heart is lying
see it is bleeding, but not much crying
Listen to the secrets, she whispers in the dark
Hold her hand and you’ll feel a spark
Behind the surface there’s a lot to see
Deep in her eyes there’s a hidden mystery
A lot of mysteries are hidden behind the smile that she carries.

— The End —