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Karijinbba Jan 8
Call me using  your name as my own.
did you call me today Jan 16? 2022?
I see a most magnificent table.
Plates and utensils are all in gold.
Our eight treasures siting
to be served are our children;
Our offspring our family.
Our second table sits to serve
our thirty two grandkids.
There are bouquets of red roses
along the tables.
The joy is inexplicably sweet
yet bittersweet feelings
engolf me so deep tears choke me.
All I suddenly see now
are white lilies over such mystery
tables along with red and white roses.
God help me with such regret
*** i miss you true love.
and I always truly loved you
all you had to do is not walk away
I had escaped hellenic hell
and had amnesia typical of ptsd
I adored you then and worship
you now till the end of time.
Gratitude beauty perfection
heavenly grace is your other name
at the gates of the heaven
your heart of gold showed
my only jewels are my three kids
Patricia, Josephine Rose
and Joella middle names
are rddbba last name is
Cun&ham in your world
but in our unreal world
we got unreal names!
why use real names
in an unreal world!!
need you call me

678-517-5066 I wish I must talk to you.
bless me please I am home.....less

If life's
I'd get
I'd get it dug
harder to
until I see
For I'd
never rest
on my
oar until I
got what
I wanted.

If life's
journey what
takes us
Claudio Mazzoni Jun 2020
Blood of my blood
Thick and strong like rivers mud
You overcame many lows
Gifted me wisdom; gave me love
I gave you effort, I made you proud of
And now I am you
Blood of my blood
My emotions flow like a biblical flood
Little creature, little you, person of my core
I gift to you, forever more, my love
Still Crazy Jun 2014
"Truth is the offspring of silence and meditation"

Sir Isaac Newton

Upon reflection of this wisdom,
Colm Jun 2018
Having children of my own, somewhere, someday.
Will be to me, the most phenomenal distraction from self which could ever be...
Because what else do you have to live for (besides faith obviously) when you're 50-60?
Manny Arriaga Apr 2017
Bite your nails and make them rough like the burliness set beside you.
Don’t let tears fall like streaked sweat along the fabric of your skin
And speaking of your skin,
Let it dry;
Dry it with the blood of your heart so that men will nod and boys will bow to your feet,
The same way a curtain sways at the touch of strong wind
Let your strong limbs, your embedded masculinity rise within
And roar.
Take down all the boys and rise
Like a man.
Let your hands clash
Like a man.
Let your emotions die and your body live
Like a man.

Stop laying your hands on your hips while you speak.
Stop allowing your razor to cut strands off your legs.
A real man has hair,
Hair that flows like strings across the frame of your limbs
And your sides,
The space between your thighs
And speaking of which,
Let your emotions flow inside a woman for her to love you.
Love a woman like the woman she is,
And be a man like the man you are.
But certainly,
Most importantly,
Act. Like a man.

Show her what’s between your legs
And love what’s between hers.
She won’t refuse
And she won’t cut back.

She loves men.
She only loves men.
She is a girl,
And she’ll only love you if you act like a man.
You must act like a man.
You must dress like a man.
Strip off the layers of feminine odor
Take off that necklace,
Take out that mindset
Undress from that dress of indecisiveness
And appreciate what I gave you.
Clean up those cosmetics.
Clean up your act.
Quit quietly cooking that head of yours
Into the land of ridiculousness.
Change what those demons have created
And act. Like a man.”

But father,
What is a man.
Is a man someone who differs from those with different heads.
Is a man someone who keeps his hair short but his ego long.
Is a man someone who dwells in their own glory but refuses to acknowledge the worth of others.
Is a man tall?
Is a man short?
Is a man big?
Is a man small?
Is that a man who walks the streets in pursuit,
A cigarette dangling from his dead fingers.
Is that a man who feels the soft skin of a flower
Yet too ignorant and too lazy to care for it
So they pluck her while she’s still pretty
Then when bored, leave her to dry in the midst of a desert.
Is that a man who dares call a woman ***** upon refusal
Yet easy when she accepts.
Is that a man who lingers on his own masculinity,
Entrapped in his ****** scent of hormones
Yet too ignorant to recognize the life he could have
If, just if,
He gave a look into the reflection of the water
Just to see himself for once.
Is that a man who makes false claims
Yet lives in complete hypocrisy.
Is that a man who has the nerve to defend lost causes when a woman speaks the truth?
Then I am not a man.
I am not a man.
I never was.

I never was confined in the stereotype you set aside for me,
Nor was a piece in the patriarchy
That was once built with honor
Now wrecked with the tomb of lies that all who were the norm,
Remain the norm,
And stay the norm,
Holding power over all for their own benefit.

I never was a man,
Never like a man,
And never will be a man.

If a man is all you told me to be,
If a man is what all you claim,
If a man is what you took from your father
And gave to your own,
Then I am not that man.

They weren’t demons.
They were me.
Denel Kessler Dec 2016
transparent seeds
nest in winter hollows
the future reflected
in all-knowing eyes
an internal compass buried
in each golden heart

dappled forest light
on the natal stream
memories of salt
ingrained within
the latent lure
of open ocean

our destinies are silver
a return to clear waters
transformed revenants
glassy-eyed and gasping
on the gravel bed
that birthed us
Randy Johnson Oct 2016
A long time ago, some Demons turned themselves into human men.
They did this to be able to have relations with women way back then.
The woman gave birth to the Demons babies and they grew to be giants.
Any child that came from a Demon was most likely despicable and defiant.
I honestly believe that one of the Demons children was Goliath who was a giant.
Many people were afraid of Goliath but it was just a child who killed the evil tyrant.
Demons can no longer become human men like they did thousands of years before.
God put an end to it, Demons can't turn themselves into human beings anymore.
Àŧùl Apr 2016
See this hollow trunk here,
It houses a parrot family now,
The elder tree let itself be pecked,
A woodpecker carved a home inside,
Then parrots came to the hollow,
It protects their children a lot,
Seldom do they thank God.

The woodpecker seeks the credit not.
Is it not just so beautiful?

I luckily live so close to mother nature that I see her in her almost ******, undisturbed natural love.

My HP Poem #1066
©Atul Kaushal
Peter J Thomas Mar 2016
There once was an ugly offspring,

Unfortunately it was me,

As I grew old,

The more I got told,

That I was a sight to not see.
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