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Eyes collide
Feelings multiply
On the gold coast we met
Like she was the best jewellery ever made
She was proof that the beauty tribe wasn't extinct
Somehow I knew I would find her
When I asked the mirror on the wall
Who my better half would be
She was just as I imagined
Scintillating  mellifluous voice that etched with the wind
Brown eyes that held her innocent spirit
Unapologetic exquisite looks marvelled from heavenly soils
Six feet tall with a voluptuous figure
I was hoping my feelings were perceptible and could resonate in her soul
Guess I was too late
She was already taken before I took my first step
Memories of her linger on
I still worship her for she's still the goddess of beauty
One not even Mona Lisa could match
I'm afraid I haven't moved on
She's still the one I love
Arao Kay Ruth
This was for you
Rasheed May 2020
Lawrencia, A flower full of colors but difficult to find...
We've got this memories emerge from time to time...
But will soon be fading away to darkness as if we were blind.

Your smiles followed you behind as you went away.
No longer written on your face for us to see everyday.
Its not getting easier for us day by day

Enoch is forgetting about you..
I am no more haunting your smiles my dreams..
No more deep brown angelic eyes that made Justice soul scream..
Because we couldn't have you in our arms under the sunbeams..

Remember the K.F.C night with ice-cream and chicken tie.
I think that part of us will not die.
I think that part of us will stay alive.
There is more to come in this endless goodbyes.
This poem is written for Lawrencia, a lady with class and beautiful. Her beauty is something beyond imagination. We missed her so much
Still Crazy Jun 2014
"Truth is the offspring of silence and meditation"

Sir Isaac Newton

Upon reflection of this wisdom,
Nat Lipstadt Sep 2019
Hineni, Hineni; I’m ready, my lord.”  
(For Evangeline Ruth Hope


”Hineni is Hebrew for “here I am,” and is the response
Abraham gives when God calls on him
to sacrifice his son Isaac. It is also the name of a
prayer of preparation and humility, addressed to God”


what you do not know
is that this word,
was spoken with a fist beating
a pin into the praying man’s chest

recited daily,
shades of hopeful, reverent resonance,
a shaded resolution, disguised as a quavering variable,
a statement, a questioning, an unsteady surety,
all of the above

this word, rooted in my genetic consciousness,
been ready repeated since my first whispering

was I ten years aged?

first time, full on bowing
on the synagogue floor, not fully understanding or
ready to confess my selfish need for forgiveness,
my forehead resting on my stubbed fingers resting on carpet,
worn thin by my predecessors ancestors,
who now comprehend more, but then, never enough

these same fingers, that write this collective,
a word repeated oft, flavoring of the who
of who I am, a training in soul fracking from
early childhood, its import, powerful beyond
today’s identity revisionist empowering

let me plainly speak, in the original language
taught to me with that other tag along, English,
a lingua franca, a dialect that can never capture
a soul presenting himself in substantiated readiness

for the whatever exists in between
hallelujah and hineni, where the rubber soul
hits the road, stumbling on hands and knees
on a forest path of roots and soil, where sunlight breaks tween
branches, are road signs to look up, look down, look within

I know your name,
Evangeline Ruth Hope
analyzed its components,
cleverly constructed Greek and Hebrew rooted,
bearer of good tidings, following Ruth in, to hope,
you a Moabite in Mormon Utah, preparing
yourself for exposure, practicing humility
unceasingly seeking


that is how it should be

cannot translate well enough
what was this gift given to me
learning as a youth, a wanderer, tribal member
where beseeching is second nature,

and accepting personal responsibility fully cardinal,
fiddling prayers while standing unsteady on
the roofs of extreme shakiness

hineni is then but this:
a prideful admission of strength

ready ready ready, here I am,
completely unready for the unknown future foretold,

hineni I know

here I am,
ready or not,
find me so I can be found,
cease, help me cease, my foundering,
confident in my willingness to
find a way

Terry Collett Sep 2016
Fay's father
wants to know
the content

of the film
she'd seen with

a Western
film she says
Western what?

He asks her
and cowboys

she replies
he eyes her
and did good

overcome the
evil ones?
Yes she says

the good won
at the end
and what else?

He asks her
there was love
shown also

she replies
and how shown?
He asks her

by showing
between them

she tells him
but does not
tell him of

the kissing
or holding
that she'd seen

or that she'd
kissed Benny
on the cheek

he seems pleased
that is good
I am glad

you're aware
of human
weakness and

fall of man
he states
Fay stands there

holding on
to the thought
of that kiss

watching her
father's face
his dark eyes

in case he
can read her
very thoughts

in her mind
off you go
he tells her

help Mother
with the chores
so she leaves

in her mind
the warm kiss

on Benny's
right hand cheek
the highlight
of the week.
Row Nov 2014
Ruth was not her name
Ruth is just her game
To save her face, and keep her safe,
Dispite the pain she gave,
Ruth will be the same

Ruth was first, the best, the worst
The one who took us everywhere
And once I lost her in the crowd
And found her again in all new wares

The greatest kiss
The fastest ride
Up great hills and down sweet planes
To an end most fowl.
Twice I died.

Ruth was the first, the best, the worst
The one who ruined everything
And again I lost her to the crowd
And met her again in the wings

The sideline view of her shook my heart
And rocked my feeble world
Up terrible mountains And down sharp plunges
To an end so fowl
That it could.only be that girl

Ruth is not her name
Ruth is just her game
She may not know the way she works,
The way she is, that's Ruth.
Ruth hurt
I write here to you to save myself from writing there

— The End —