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Poetry Art Oct 2020
it is better
to leave words
and unheard

for truth
can be too painful
that it is better
to turn a blind eye
on things
that might have occurred
let's keep things this way
John McCafferty Aug 2020
Why are you here
Born, lost and bred
See some ideas to an end
The aim to do more often begets form

A middle depends
When identity strikes down the spine
Life will heal or harm
A day in this age generates pace
Prepare before to reinforce fate
as luck can change
If there's space on the stage
Search for the answers that your question relates

Catch the gaze of another
When they dazzle and charm
Turn in on yourself as we show our face
Segregated ways often reflect mixed intent
Does everything begin with the opportunity cost of regret
Review how you start before we depart and are spent
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Shadow Aug 2020
Too often do we dance and fool our youth away, too often do we attempt to love without knowing how, too often do we write letters that end up in the hearth, too often do we get agitated by the song of the simple bird, too often do we hate and forget to pity those whom we despise, too often do we cage the blue bird in our heart, too often do we lie, not to the world but to ourselves, too often we ponder, speak, and forget action behind, too often do we ignore ourselves, too often do we ignore each other.  

Too often do the authors try to paint the world with colours of big words and elegant sentences, yet as beautiful it may seem to the eye, the world they paint is far too artificial, far too unnatural, far too normal.

We do it all too often; we hate without reason, we believe without proof, we forget that hate is the work of the unloved, we live our lives as if they’re shows for everyone else, we become bitter wolves with venomous fangs and poisonous tongues, we rip at each other, with words, with thoughts, with deeds of every kind.  

Too often we forget our humanity behind.
Meysa May 2020
I thought
that love
entailed war
wars waged against others
wars waged against the world

not of the self.
Poet X Jun 2019
I was told
I love too much
to the wrong things
too often .
I wonder when I can learn to love right too
Ankita Gupta Apr 2019
Often, the sombre emerges
Rarely, the world shines

Often, the story is told
Rarely, it comes to life
Kelly Hogan Dec 2018
I think of you often
Do you think of me too?
You're probably just busy
I don't want to bother you.

I find myself reaching
For the friendship we had
But I'm left grasping at nothing
And this makes me sad.

Our talks lately are empty,
Shallow and subdued
I don't know what I've done
To make our friendship come unglued

I think of you often
Do you think of me too?
I just want to say
I'll always be here for you.
Maxim Keyfman Sep 2018
city ​​lights for some reason
in the last time they have me
and snow so often swirl
before my eyes eternal
and all the time they say their own
strange and confusing questions
questions all eternal questions
on which there will be no
no replies of the existing

city ​​lights as urban
cabinets and how not cabinets and how books
and how everything in this world is ours
light is only light and differences
was never in this world
we are white color wandering in white
color and perhaps it will always be so
everything eternal is always eternal and
eternal is always that is not
will end in this world never

A M Ryder Aug 2018
You should never
Say I love you
If you don't mean it
But if you do mean it
You should say it often
People forget
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