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When birds fly high
they reach the sky.
They sing their song
They make their call
To baby birds
letting know
they’re on their way
With food to  show
collect through  day
Making chirping sounds
to say
Mama bird is on her way
Letting know that food will fall.
After babies hungry call!!!

Shell ✨🐚
Beautiful sight, birds flying chirping through the air!! I sit and watch this everyday.  How they bring food to feed They build a nest in my front yard.
Justin Lai Jul 2020
i'd like to say oh hello like mulaney
grab a pen and craft stories like ashirogi
sing from the heart like chicks from dixie
and be the top percentage like young joey

but when i look at them
i just want to be
all that i am

and drop the hat
the wisecrack
grab a chair,
waiter there's a meme in my soup :/
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
by Michael R. Burch

for Jeremy Michael Burch

Some intuition of her despair
for her lost brood,
as though a lost fragment of song
torn from her flat breast,
touched me there . . .

I felt, unable to hear
through the bright glass,
the being within her melt
as her unseemly tirade
left a feather or two
adrift on the wind-ruffled air.

Where she will go,
how we all err,
why we all fear
for the lives of our children,
I cannot pretend to know.

Keywords/Tags: mother bird, brood, nest, chicks, fledglings, children, kids, song, despair, protection, protective mother

But, O!,
how the unappeased glare
of omnivorous sun
over crimson-flecked snow
makes me wish you were here.

Keywords/Tags: mother, bird, brood, nest, chicks, fledglings, children, song, despair, protective
sunprincess Mar 2018
Decorated eggs
Small bunnies and baby chicks,
Baskets full of Love
Mike Chigo Mar 2018
I get a hard-on whenever I see a hot car
I wanna pump it…yes…I just wanna floor the gas
Blinkers in my rear view when I flash by
Them no fit catch me, not even my tail lights

I like tuners but I really dig exotics
Classy, flashy plus it gets me hot chicks
See the look in her eyes when I do car tricks
Zoom zoom zoom …screeeeech…next please
She's an angel,she's a fairy.
Her cheeks are soft, lips like cherry.

She's very charming, she's very funny.
She's very sweet like a jar full of honey.

Was blessed to talk with her for a second or so.
Her messages always made my face to glow.

I'm sorry for all wrong i did with you.
Now let's be friends, we'll start a fresh new.
Julie Grenness May 2016
This is an ode for chicks who tough it,
About an empowered Little Miss Muffet,
Sitting alone there on her tuffet,
Along came a spider,
Who sat down beside her,
Or was he a predator?
What was he after her for?
So, she said to the spider,
Who sat down beside her,
"Rak off, hairy legs!
Don't even beg!
Less is more, less is more,
P.O.Q. , you naughty predator!"
And she ate her own curds and whey!
Empowering Miss Muffets these days,
Hopefully, us old bags do say......
Feedback welcome!
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