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sunprincess Mar 2018
Decorated eggs
Small bunnies and baby chicks,
Baskets full of Love
Mike Chigo Mar 2018
I get a hard-on whenever I see a hot car
I wanna pump it…yes…I just wanna floor the gas
Blinkers in my rear view when I flash by
Them no fit catch me, not even my tail lights

I like tuners but I really dig exotics
Classy, flashy plus it gets me hot chicks
See the look in her eyes when I do car tricks
Zoom zoom zoom …screeeeech…next please
She's an angel,she's a fairy.
Her cheeks are soft, lips like cherry.

She's very charming, she's very funny.
She's very sweet like a jar full of honey.

Was blessed to talk with her for a second or so.
Her messages always made my face to glow.

I'm sorry for all wrong i did with you.
Now let's be friends, we'll start a fresh new.
Julie Grenness May 2016
This is an ode for chicks who tough it,
About an empowered Little Miss Muffet,
Sitting alone there on her tuffet,
Along came a spider,
Who sat down beside her,
Or was he a predator?
What was he after her for?
So, she said to the spider,
Who sat down beside her,
"Rak off, hairy legs!
Don't even beg!
Less is more, less is more,
P.O.Q. , you naughty predator!"
And she ate her own curds and whey!
Empowering Miss Muffets these days,
Hopefully, us old bags do say......
Feedback welcome!
Äŧül Apr 2016
See this hollow trunk here,
It houses a parrot family now,
The elder tree let itself be pecked,
A woodpecker carved a home inside,
Then parrots came to the hollow,
It protects their children a lot,
Seldom do they thank God.

The woodpecker seeks the credit not.
Is it not just so beautiful?

I luckily live so close to mother nature that I see her in her almost ******, undisturbed natural love.

My HP Poem #1066
©Atul Kaushal
Reece Apr 2016
Chronologically, the life force of upward momentum
Eratus, irrigated field leaves at the backdoor
Leaves in the mailbox
Always upward, from below, the deepest place
This may have been out of my frame of reference though
Did you see the half-mast falsehood
Up the pole, down the hole
Listen to the secret word
Monitor of the algorithm
Sometimes they talk, sometimes we feel them
Julie Grenness Jan 2016
This is the ** Manifesto, let's pray,
What is the first rule to say?
Never volunteer today!
What is the next rule to say?
Rest up while you can each day!
What is the third rule to say?
Any love is good love at our age!
What is  the fourth rule to say?
Say: Never mind, blip happens always!
What is the fifth rule to say?
Kafka, you're fabulous today!
What is the sixth rule to say?
I must not participate this day!
This is the ** Manifesto!
Read and learn, now off you go!!
Bit of a giggle, but quite effective. Feedback welcome.
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