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Jule 1d
The good times are now
We’re just too blind to see
Having the power to change
While only practicing being lazy
Kids are popping beans
Not really listening to he
Or appreciating the **** this life has brought we
People on other continents living like dogs
While our dogs live like royalty
I wish these thoughts in my head
Could be a reality
One where you’re no longer judging me
One where my brother cousin and mother could coexist
One where everyone doesn’t yet realize they want to live
One where our food and water is clean
And the government wants to see the people healthy
One where violence is a thing from the past
One where you and me enjoy life and smoke grass
But selfishness is being found in all our crevices
And now we’re hiding all our fetishes
Kicking back with sedatives
Ignoring what’s real
Ignoring how another feels
Finding substances to replace
When we know it’s only love we should chase
Jule Sep 10
I step on my clean underwear
Unaware of the piles of clothes
Accumulated from days not spent alone
Jule Sep 4
Can you hold my hand
Just a little while longer
I won't ask you to stay
But right now you're all that makes me feel stronger
Jule Sep 2
I try to find a time I’ve felt this before
An internal battle
With no tears to show
But unbeknownst a broken soul
A use of a body and then another
Fleeting feelings
Never catching one another
Where a soul ends
Comes from a deep end
Of karma inviting itself into my bed
Jule Aug 29
I wish I could hold on to the words once mine
Like the ocean holds on to it’s tides
Sitting by the shore
My hand no longer in yours
Jule Aug 13
My conscious seems to be in a state of solitude
One where it is hard to reach the light
Because the dark succumbs
the area surrounding you
One where I'm not sure if this is me growing up
Or if Ive wandered too far off the path
to find my way back
But then I question
if I even want to retract to the old path
If maybe this path, this new path,
is one that I humbly learn
Until I am ready to break out of my shell again
I just hope
that it's just a shell that I can break out of
  Aug 13 Jule
Who am I
to beg for mercy
when I am aware
I do not
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