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Brandon Aug 2021
Walking home, I told you I've been down this road before
Broken communication, insecure intimacy; what a toll
Emotionally vacant, there was no saving our chemistry
This version of the ending's nothing new to me
We met one day and in my eyes, I foresaw a flourishing life
The heartache burned my silky strings
The pain was sharper than a yellow jacket's sting
The confirmation in your eyes was colder than a winter's eye
My fingertips caressed your face once, it melted my cloudy sky
Our political and social morals disrupted our beautiful contortion
Like bi-polar seasons, the effort was that of feedback distortion
You drowned in your insecurities and blocked any trust in me
As the bed we slept in had no portion for me to lie in
I smelt smoke from inside; my strings were crying for waves of blue
breakups are unfortunate because for the most part, you don't see them coming to an end. we're so caught up in our rose-colored glasses that the red flags glide right past us until the relationship status changes. communication is so important in keeping a relationship thriving. if you don't have that, then it'll wither away like your favorite flower.
Brandon Apr 2021
Where do you go when the soul levitates in space?
Synths wash over me with godlike grace
I say, my dimension is slow and reverbed
With every problem, futsal shuffled to the curb
I say, "it's so surreal"
I want to gain a nursing shield
Just to show my father it's real
I know you're not around me
But I still feel your presence still
Some nights, I'm on an asteroid watching the stars
Other nights, I'm frostbitten awaiting your warmth
So, I ask you
When does your soul leave the physical?
I wanna know because you're supposed to see
What I see
Brandon Apr 2021
Lightning struck the heart that you lived in
My shields overwhelmed and vulnerable
I endure states of emergencies, it's commendable
Even though I bathe in original sin
Sometimes, I feel I'm in the middle of the beginning
It's like I and we haven't moved at all
Headstrong, but I want you to catch me when I fall
I never knew a greater power than complacency
I strive to excel but it's nothing new to me
Through the winter I've been caretaking
But who can save me when I need saving?
Lightning to the heart again
What the **** is going on?
Brandon Apr 2020
Since April 16th, I've been dressed in fatigue
I'm emotionally damaged with my blood on the leaves
Death purged my soul from my body; Ancient One's Creed
Natural selection took her, made me realize I failed her
How do you have the apple of Eden and still miss her?
They say don't hold your life for a pet; I'm still held up
Watching my heart swim laps in pools of bourbon cups
I should have been there to see the innocence check out her eyes
To hold her paw and camouflage my cardiac scars in disguise
I find pleasure in resting my eyes until the new day interweaves
And I have to walk this path looking into the sky with disbelief
Reality wipes you out like Japan's tsunami rolling up to receive
I had to find a way to deter the sob filled days and time freeze
And when I have it on the ropes I see pictures and the recycle begins
Recently, I have been pondering about mortality and where I stand with it. A death in the family only amplified those thoughts. Cherish every moment that you have with your loved ones.
Brandon Mar 2020
With grief blackening
the corners of my heart
As long as I can
Spend time alone
Needing hours of sand
But I'm too connected to my phone
Life is strange
I could wait one more hour
To prove my well-being's far from sour
You ever wonder what you'd think about if one minute lasted in slow motion?
  Oct 2019 Brandon
Esther Susan Csorba
City of eternal wonders
An empire built,
fallen, re-animated
alive and never broken.
There lay ruins
old and modern,
monuments of marble
stumbled on by hoofs
and carriages shrieking
on the cobbled streets
poisoned by uncultured
But in the little streets
lay a calm
silence not many
can hear.
The beauty is underneath
hidden, not all will see.
It's heart keeps beating:
like fine wine,
it improves with time.
Brandon Aug 2019
Set I
We're not in love
Just talking and earning brownie points
So far in these waters my head's above
I'm confident even when I'm alone
You make me wonder why I am feeling this way
Your butterflies flock to me when you pull up
The reaction goes both ways?
We walk up, smile, and kiss new life into the day

Set II
Za Warudo; Jikan ga tomaru
I wish I could replay every moment with you
It aches me
This romantic metamorphosis calms me
I wonder how it must have been to feel it
I wonder how it must have been to feel it
You ever just wish time stopped for you whenever a good moment happens? I wish Jojo Bizarre Aventure was real.
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