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AstralPotato Jul 9
I grieve for the time of the past;
Hoping they would've last.
I grieve for the future untold;
Without you for me to hold
AstralPotato Jun 2020
Did you ever cry?
Cried to heart your hearts content?
Did you ever ache?
For all the things that came to an end?
AstralPotato May 2020
I chose to be happy
But it was all in vain
Because happiness starts
Right after the rain

But it seems that the rain
Will never going to end
Rainbows were only illusions
The rain will start again
AstralPotato Apr 2020
The agony of knowing
Things have been broken
Yet you stayed silent;
Little words left unspoken
AstralPotato Apr 2020
Let me drown in the sea of joy
Of unwavering happiness and delight
Retrieve me from this dark abyss
Where I wandered without light
AstralPotato Mar 2020
Moving on isn't about
Taking the pain away
Or making it obsolete
It just becomes bearable
AstralPotato Feb 2020
It was easy to cast a smile anytime,
Hiding beneath those wordless mimes.
It's hard to see what those smiles meant,
Because it's harder to express a soul's lament.
I'm okay...
But not really
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