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I wear my queer in my hips
Hops and slips out of my lips
Through my teeth and past my brain
Guided by my tongue's tip

Between my ears and with my fears
Hopes dreams
The like
I've been called stingy
A fake gay
But God is on my side.

Not that its any of Their business either.
They manifested my body,
But my mind manifests my queer.
I haven't asked Their pronouns
And they haven't either,
                     Then what right do you have?
Mimi Hachiko Jan 2020
A child shoved in an adults body
Craftsmanship pretty shoddy
Spirals plus games I cannot play
Atonements I could never pay
Alone but not yet still afraid
Being told I should have stayed
A cascade of regret and yet
I'm the threat
Esridersi Sep 2019
said the Thing alone in his head
“how many steps must i stay ahead  
of fear and self-doubt
lest they figure me out
and peel the skin I’ve twice shed?”
we share much more in common with monsters than we'd dare consider.
imposter artist May 2019
I am disconnected
from my entire self
like these fingerprints
I’ve known my whole life
somehow aren’t mine.

Out of body experiences
and feeling like
I’m on the outside looking in
has become the norm.

I’ve wiggled my way
into these stories
this background
but I don’t belong here.

Someone is going to notice
call me out
for being an imposter
in my own life.

I’ve existed for decades
feeling like I’m living
in someone else’s skin.
Bruce Demos Apr 2019
There was a man masquerading as me,
But I caught him by the collar
And wrenched him out!

— The End —