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Raziel Jan 2018
Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Is my face prettiest of all,
Mirror Mirror lie to me,
Show me what I want to see,

Mirror mirror on the wall,
Why don’t I like the girl I see,
Mirror Mirror on the wall,
When will you leave me be,

Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Tell me who’s the biggest fool of all,
Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Why did you leave me to bawl,

Mirror Mirror what do you see,
Please tell me what you decree,
Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Am I the fairest of them all,

Mirror mirror why do they laugh,
Am I only a false half,
Mirror Mirror why do they stare,
Mirror mirror why do I care,

Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Who’s the ugliest of them all,
Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Who’s most damaged of them all,

Mirror mirror,
On the wall,
Lie to me,
Show me what I want to see,

Mirror Mirror,
May I see a little clearer,
On the wall,
Oh how I appal.

All that look my way,
Mirror what do you say,
You should only speak the truth,
You should only speak to sooth,

Mirror mirror why do you lie,
I know I asked, but please don’t make me cry,
Mirror mirror I whisper goodbye,
Mirror Mirror let me die..
Swords and Roses Aug 2015
Mirror, mirror
Said the queen
Not wanting to be seen

Mirror, mirror
Every day
Urging wrinkles
Not to stay

Mirror, mirror
She was taught
If she was ugly
She was naught

Mirror, mirror
She cannot feel
Emotions ruin
Her appeal

Mirror, mirror
She feels dead
To the husband
In her bed

Mirror, mirror
Her heart is failing
Her lungs are gasping
Her kidneys wailing

Mirror, mirror
The doctor said
She has a growth
In her head

Mirror, mirror
She cannot stand
But she's still the most
Beautiful in the land

Mirror, mirror
But not anymore
Her place taken
By the child of a *****

Mirror, mirror
She needs a heart
The child has one
There's a start

Mirror, mirror
She's in so much pain
She doesn't know
How to be humane

Mirror, mirror
The child is dead
The heart is weak
But she has fed

Mirror, mirror
The heart has failed
There is no other
That ship has sailed

Mirror, mirror
She is desperate to live
She finds a corrupt magicker
And gives all she can give

Mirror, mirror
She feeds on death
Each soul she takes
Lies in every breath

Mirror, mirror
She carves words in her skin

Mirror, mirror
She moans in the night
Her husband sleeps in a separate bed
Yet still quakes in fright

Mirror, mirror
The child is not dead
All the lives she has taken
When she could have taken one instead

Mirror, mirror
Look at her now
Twisted and broken
Macabre magick on her brow

Mirror, mirror
The child must pay
Perhaps her soul will be redeemed
It is the only way
Zombee Sep 2014

Mirror Mirror on the Wall;
Walk with me n be my Friend:
fending oFF thee awful Qualm,
calming all the thoughts of Death.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall;
Talk to me if no one Else.
"tell me what to do aGain?...
...death is gonna Haunchew."

Mirror Mirror on the Wall,
Waltzing in my ball of Hair;
share the Yarn of all you Bear,
spare the Rod n chop the Sheers.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall;
"Welcome to the slums of Hell."
help me Speak in bleeding Tongue.
"vi la de Vel".

Mirror Mirror on the Wall:
wall of Talking thought so Clear;
hear the Fall of waldo's Water,
thrall the Call of ocean Odlaw.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall;
call my Bluff n cuff my Arms,
bar my Cell n sell my Soul,
sow the Seed n reap its Rose.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall;
flaunt my Card n guard the Door.
Youre the one im steering Clear of...
..."ofCourse you are."

Mirror Mirror on the Wall;
all i Know is no ones Lost,
mossy Oak is all i Know,
frozen Walls i call my Home.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall;
all you Are ish ards of Glass;
lashing Out n always Laughing,
laughing as you watch me Ball.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall;
all you Do is use my Tears.
here you Are with all the Cotton,
swabbing all my flaws n Fears.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall;
call me what you always Do:
stupid Queer n weird n Ugly."dont
******* Tell me what to Do."

Mirror Mirror on the Wall;
talk the way you always Have:
Chanting like a ******* Trucker,
Cussing like a ******* Sailor.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall;
Hollow be my only Name.
satan stole my only Halo:
angel of a broken Cross.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall;
Follow me n see my View.
you should see what i have Saw...
...all ive seen is You.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall;
all you Are is all i Am.
have you not a ******* Conscience?...
..."obviously Not."

Mirror Mirror on the Wall;
walk a long this haunted Path.
after That if you can Laugh... can I.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall;
all youve Done is run n Hide.

'and Then...
...tyler was Gone.

was iaSleep?...
...had  i Slept?'

-  Jack's Medulla Oblongata  

Mirror Mirror on the Wall;
call my Parent......scared of School.
whos the Fairest......ferris Bueller?...
...You are.
Chelle Quezon Oct 2014
Mirror, mirror on the wall.
Who'll catch me when I fall?

Mirror, mirror I knew this man,
I hear his voice and I feel like ****!

Mirror, mirror everytime he laughs
I just can't explain how he give me crafts.

Mirror, mirror whenever he speaks
I feel like I'm on clouds at its peak.

Mirror, mirror he gives me butterflies
He keeps me happy and never let me cries.

Mirror, mirror he send me shivers
Its overflowing just like other rivers.

Mirror, mirror this is something new
I hope this won't fade and forever please be true.

Mirror, mirror he said he loves me
He'll never hurt me he guarantee.

Mirror, mirror he said I'm all his
With those three words I feel bliss.

Mirror, mirror on his bended knee
He hold my heart and there's no escapee.

Mirror, mirror forever is for fantasy
So that means lifetime is for reality.

Mirror, mirror my heart beats,
If this ain't forever please delete.

Mirror, mirror remove my doubt and my fear
With this man that's gentle and truly sincere.

Mirror, mirror give me my happily ever after
Let me write my own love story and be the master.
Theia Gwen Jan 2014
Mirror mirror on the wall
Who's the skinniest of them all?
Mirror mirror I don't like what I see
For once, can the skinniest one be me?

Mirror mirror on the wall
I want to be the skinniest of them all
Mirror mirror I'll make you a deal
Will you make me beautiful if I skip all my meals?

Mirror mirror on the wall
I'm still not the skinniest of them all
Mirror mirror I don't like the number on the scale
Can I please skip to the end of this tale?

Mirror mirror on the wall
Why aren't I the skinniest of them all?
Mirror mirror I only ate an apple today
Is that enough to keep the doctor away?

Mirror mirror on the wall
Didn't I deserve to be the skinniest of them all?
Mirror mirror my skin as white as snow
Won't be satisfied until I reach 0

Mirror mirror shattered on the ground
I try to scream but I can't make a sound
Mirror mirror, what have you done to me?
I once was your slave but now I want free

Mirror mirror I lay destroyed just like you
I won't let you take my life too
Mirror mirror I lay barely breathing on the floor
Hoping a prince will find me with a cure
Diksha Prashar Jul 2019
Mirror oh! Mirror!
Why people lie so much?
Mirror oh! Mirror!
Why does it hurt so much?
Mirror oh! Mirror!
Everyday I break apart.
Mirror oh! Mirror!
I am shrinking within me.
Mirror oh! Mirror!
I’m dying, why can’t they see?
Mirror oh! Mirror!
Please help me.
Mirror oh! Mirror!
I’m shattering piece by piece.
Mirror oh! Mirror!
Please save me.
Mirror oh! Mirror!
These voices scare me.
Mirror oh! Mirror!
Make me smile please.
Mirror oh! Mirror!
Set me free.
Mirror oh! Mirror!
I’m falling apart.
Mirror oh! Mirror!
Wounded from lies.
Mirror oh! Mirror!
It’s my final goodbye.
Babygirl  Aug 2015
Mirror Mirror
Babygirl Aug 2015
Mirror Mirror on the wall...
Can you see the through the most broken of us all?
Can you look in my eyes and see the pain i hide.
Can you feel the pain of when i bit my tongue so hard i cried?
Mirror Mirror on the wall..
You're the one who can see when i drop the ball..

Mirror Mirror on the wall, can you see the darkness in us all?
Mirror Mirror on the wall, can you see the way i walk the tightrope about to fall.
Broken pieces of myself are all that you reflect back to me.
Pain and Anger all that seem to be...
Mirror Mirror on the wall, can you keep my darkest secret hidden?
Mirror Mirror on the wall, can you see whats been forbidden?

Mirror Mirror on my wall..
You're the reason for death i call.
I see my reflection in you and i hate me more and more.
You show me the imperfections i tried to bury in the deepest drawer.
Mirror Mirror on my wall...can't you see?
You're slowly killing me..

Mirror Mirror on my wall, can you see the pounds going away?
Mirror Mirror on my wall, i havent eaten for weeks, im happpy to say.
I don't think you know just what you're doing to this broken soul.
I don't think you meant to hurt her like you did, that wasn't your end goal.
Mirror Mirror on my wall, do i look good enough for you now?
Mirror Mirror on my wall, i am dying because of our secret vow.

Mirror Mirror on my wall, can you see the crack..?
I am skinny enough for you to see my spine through my back...
I am dying, i know it's to late for me...
I just wanted to be perfect, can't you see?
I close my eyes and fall asleep, only to fly with the angels above.
Broken Mirror on my wall, my casket fit my small body like a glove.
Sophie Woods Feb 2014
Mirror mirror on the wall
Why must i be so tall and slim
Mirror mirror on the wall
I dont even go to the gym
Mirror mirror on the wall
Why do i look like waist
Mirror mirror on the wall
Im so shrunk and defaced
Mirror mirror on the wall
Why do i have a double chin
Mirror mirror on the wall
I just wanna grin
Mirror mirror on the wall
Why do you lie to my face
Mirror mirror on the wall
Making me displaced
Mirror mirror on the wall
Why do i have no friends
Mirror mirror on the wall
Im looking through your lens
Mirror mirror on the wall
Why do you say fairest of them all?
Mirror mirror your a ****** fibber
Why are you even hanging on my wall
SkittlesDarken May 2015
Mirror, mirror who am I?
Mirror, mirror, am I beautiful?
Mirror, mirror is society right?
Mirror, mirror are these tears worth crying at night?
Mirror, mirror do you care?
mirror, mirror are you truth?
Mirror, mirror, is this how I really look?
mirror, mirror, should i change
Mirror, mirror my heart is broke.
mirror, mirror my soul is cold.
mirror, mirror should I give in?
Mirror, mirror, is this girl really me?
Can I ever leave this forbidden place?
Have I really let society in my head?
Mirror mirror on the wall please tell me that I have it all.

Mirror mirror on the wall help me look like a doll.

Mirror mirror on the wall tell me that he doesn't hit me at all.

Mirror mirror on the wall what just happened I cannot recall?

Mirror mirror on the wall he loves me it's just the alcohol.

Mirror mirror on the wall he doesn't love I am  a neanderthal.

Mirror mirror on the wall I must leave by nightfall.

Mirror mirror on the wall if people ask I just had a fall.

Mirror mirror on the wall hurry and call the cops before it's my last fall.

Mirror mirror on the wall the person looking back has no power at all.
Joel A Doetsch Apr 2015
Lewis had taken his date antiquing.  It seemed the kind of sophisticated, adult activity that he felt would reinforce the fact that he was, in fact, a sophisticated adult.  Never mind that he knew next to nothing about antiquing...except that it was a thing sophisticated adults apparently did.

It was clear within the first twenty minutes or so that she wasn't really feeling it.

She was friendly and amicable, but it was clear that she was being polite for the sake of being polite.  It was the kind of polite that meant she wouldn't be returning his phone calls tomorrow.  For his part, he didn't make a fuss.  He played his role and continued the date as if it meant something.

He even went so far as to purchase an ornate mirror at the last shop they visited.  A mirror he'd probably never have even looked at on a typical day.

Lewis dropped his date off at her flat, insisted on walking her to her door (had to keep up appearances), and gave her a brief hug before going back to his car.  The mirror was wrapped up in the back seat of his small Toyota, making it impossible to use his rearview mirror.

He didn't even bother taking it out of the car when he got home.  Perhaps, he thought, someone would steal it and save him the trouble of pitching it.

The next morning, to his annoyance, it still filled up his back seat.  He had to go to work, and he figured he'd have to get it out of the car sooner or later, so he pulled it out and awkwardly managed to get it into his front door, where he left it leaning against the wall of his front hallway.

Lewis walked by the mirror almost every day for a week before he finally decided to hang it up.  He had bought it, after all...might as well make use of it.  He hung it up in the hallway and then largely forgot it existed.  It wasn't until several months later that he discovered its strange properties.

He had been running late for work, and in his hurry had spilled coffee over his shirt.  His initial annoyance at having to change was replaced with a sharp pain as the hot coffee burned through his shirt.  He was haphazardly unbuttoning the shirt while walking by the mirror when he stopped.  He looked again.  The coffee stain had disappeared.  Lewis finished unbuttoning the shirt and looked at his chest, where he found no mark or sign he had even had an injury.  Thinking himself crazy, he ran back to the kitchen to find that there was, indeed, spilled coffee still on the table.

That had been the beginning.

The power had gone quickly to his head, as power is wont to do.  He could change just about anything in his environment, so long as he was clever and could do it in front of the mirror.  The more he focused, the more accurate the results were.  He imagined that he was holding the deed to a mansion that was for sale downtown.  He found that not only was this the case, but the mirror had taken care of all the pesky details that would have otherwise conflicted with this.  He imagined his bank account filled to the brim with money.  Lewis imagined a whole new life for himself.  

It was at this point that he decided to test the limits of his new found power.  He stood at the mirror in his underwear.  Not horrible looking by any means, but definitely not an attractive man by most standards.  His hair, oily and unkempt, fell listlessly down on his forehead.  a paunch belly accentuated knobby knees and elbows.  His face was rather round and a bit pudgy, though fairly average overall.  He looked himself over disdainfully, and begin to concentrate.

First his stomach started shrinking, as if someone was letting the air out of it. It flattened, and abdominal muscles etched themselves into the skin.  The rest of his body followed suit, transforming itself into his ideal.  An alpha male.  A leading man.  At the end of it all, he stood in front of a stranger.  Even his eyes had changed.  They looked back at him through the mirror, full of confidence and a spark of defiance.  He almost caught a mischievous smile playing at his lips.

The change was immediate.  Between the money and the new face, he became social elite, hosting parties, attending events.  The mysterious newcomer, whose fortune seemed to have appeared out of thin air.  He relished every minute of it.  Instead of chasing people, begging to be noticed, people were begging to be noticed by him.  It was everything he ever wanted, until she came into his life.

She was an environmental lawyer for a large law firm.  She had it all.  Her name was Claire. She could stare right through him.  She didn't care about his power.  She didn't care about his charm.  The more he tried to win her over, the more she pulled away.  That, of course, did nothing to deter him.  If anything, it made him desire her more.  It was driving him insane.

Things finally broke down.  He was at yet another party, but he was no longer enjoying himself.  He hadn't been enjoying himself for weeks.  He sat at the bar, downing glasses of alcohol almost carelessly.  He saw her outside on the balcony, and he stumbled his way over to her.  He managed to slur out something along the lines of "Hey baby" along with some semblance of a crude pickup line, which earned him a martini hat and five red marks across his perfectly shaped face.

He drove home, managing to get his car mostly in his driveway (that poor mailbox never saw it coming).  He lumbered into his house, intending to fall asleep, when he walked by the mirror.  Suddenly, his inebriated brain had an amazing thought.  Why should he continue chasing her?  He had a mirror that granted him anything he wanted.  

He stood in front of the mirror.  Once again, he almost imagined that his reflection was sneering at him, but he put it out of his mind.  He imagined Claire, in all her perfection, deeply in love with him.  He continued to focus, as much as his mind would allow him, when suddenly he felt hands around his waist.  He turned around, and found her standing behind him, beckoning him forward.

She led him up to his room and laid him upon the bed.   At first, he was ecstatic, but as the night continued, he became uncomfortable.    She was wrong.  She was not natural.  She was focused fully on him as she had her way, but he was unable to meet her gaze.  Every time he did, her face seemed to move out of focus, like a dark shadow was covering her.  He couldn't linger there long, and it filled him with dread.  Eventually the alcohol took its toll, and he fell into a fitful sleep, with her wrapped faithfully around him.

The next morning, Lewis went back to the mirror and wished her away.  Then he panicked.  He called one of his acquaintances and discovered that the actual Claire was still alive and well.  It had not been her.  He felt relieved, but this quickly turned to depression as he fell into a chair, racked with guilt at what he had brought into the world, however briefly.  Unfortunately, he wouldn't get a chance to make any more mistakes.

The next night, Lewis found himself awake.  It was about 3 AM.  He hadn't remembered waking.  Nor did he remember walking down the stairs to the mirror, but here he was.  He stood and stared at the mirror, back to the man he had become.  He smiled that mischievous smile.  Wait.  He hadn't smiled.  Why was he smiling?  Lewis attempted to move away, but he was stuck in place.  The mirror version of himself allowed its smile to widen, and Lewis felt his mouth tugging upwards to accommodate.  The reflection raised its arm, and Lewis helplessly raised his arm as well.  

Lewis vaguely noticed the entire room he was in filling with a dense fog.  The rest of the world blurred out into obscurity except the mirror with the devilish face of Lewis's counterpart.  The reflection spoke, and Lewis's mouth moved along with the words.  "I sure appreciate you helping me out of there.  Hope you don't mind hanging out for awhile."  He flashed that terrible grin.  "I'll see you around"

Lewis waved goodbye, and his reflection stepped away from the mirror...leaving him in darkness.
Written very quickly, probably could be better.  Feel free to offer constructive criticism.
donovan ellis Jan 2013
Mirror mirror on the wall, my hopes are down but my dreams are tall, what do you see in me when i face the wall. Mirror mirror please tell me all, i need you more than ever before is my heart full or can it handle some more. Mirror mirror what do you see, a boy asking for help that's to strong to bleed, or a boy that's helpless who stands to plied. Mirror mirror cant you see, my reflection isn't glowing is there something wrong with me, peer red seems to cover i am not a devils child. Mirror mirror please come rescue me, God is on my side i been to stupid to see, mistakes after mistakes but still he forgives me. Mirror mirror can the boy be me, if so i give it all to see a new day for me, falling to my knees i start to plied. Mirror mirror red little droppings replace my tears, the devil is crying because i am no longer he's, the pain that i feel in my hands and feet is the pain that he felt when he died for me. Mirror mirror now what do you see, mirror mirror please talk to me, My mirror has broken and fell to my feet, now that i see a glowing man in front of me.

— The End —