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nora Apr 28
Time slipped away in the spring, in the muddy puddles and the rain, in the sweet-smelling flowers and the rain.
It rubbed circles into the small of my back,
whispered bittersweet apologies and tacked a sticky note to my corkboard.
“Remember to call.”
I forgot.

And I sit under the blooming tree
my bare feet soft against the grass

Time left me in the summer, in the sunny skies and the rain, in the sweltering heat and the rain.
It ran somewhere unknown, far, far, far away,
while I treaded chlorinated water and prayed that the fall would come sooner.
“You can call whenever.”
I didn’t.

And I sit beside the verdant tree
my bare feet ******* the pavement

Time was gone in the fall, in the whispered breeze and the rain, in the crinkling leaves and the rain.
But I had company in a glowing screen,
And as days turned to weeks turned to months I forgot about time altogether.
“Someone is calling.”
I hung up.

And I sit far from the dying tree
my bare feet resting on the couch

Time slept in the winter, in the miserable cold and the rain, in the blustery wind and the rain.
Numbers and names disavowed,
As “today” and “tomorrow” become “now” and “later”
“What is the word called?”
I don’t know.

And I cannot see the empty tree
my bare feet asleep on the carpet

Time has returned in the spring.
It looks me in the eyes,
profuse apologies pouring out from its lips.
“But you didn’t call.”
I blink. Didn’t I?
nora May 2020
my mother likes to tell me i am now a part of history
but if people only remember the tragedies,
i don’t want to be.
what a mood honestly
nora May 2020
art is around me
like the wind in my hair or the grass on my feet.
art doesn’t come and go
even as humanity
in fact, when humanity is unsure,
art flourishes.

i have created my fair share of art.
after all,
i am an artist
at least, that is what i call myself
and that means many things.

i like to draw, and drawings cover my walls from
top to bottom.
therefore i am an artist.

i like to write, and words flow through me
like water through a stream.
therefore i am an artist.

i like to sing, and lyrics whisper out of my mouth
when no one is listening.
therefore i am an artist.

i like to take pictures, and images
of flowers and rivers and streams stream through my mind.
therefore i am an artist.

i have created my fair share of art.
after all, we are in quarantine.
meaning we are at home.
meaning we have “nothing” to do.

i like to draw
i like to write
i like to sing
i like to take pictures
therefore i am an artist
and i have work to do
Part two of my school project. Like this one even MORE!
nora May 2020
art is when
take something empty and give it life.
art is the stroke of a paintbrush
and the scribble of a pen,
the sweetness of a melody,
and the snap of a clapperboard,
but art is also the way the grass sways in the wind
and the patterns the clouds form in the sky
and the rain’s decisiveness as to whether it will be
a delicate murmur or
a passionate roar.

art is when the harshest angles
and softest curves,
the highest of highs
and lowest of lows,
the brightest days
and darkest nights,
come together into something
that didn’t exist in a time before
made it
art is
unique and
bold and
brave and
about the art you create is
you. yourself. you
are your art. no one else could have made that but
art is about how nothing in the known universe could have made what you just did
and how you just did
and why you just did
but you did.
and it’s beautiful.
I did this for a school project and figured I'd put it here since I'm pretty proud of it.
nora Apr 2020

i’m alone. soon dead.

i’m going to die alone.

alone in my house.


so open your phone,

and do not look at the news,

and pretend it’s fine.


wish i’d remembered

to say hi to them before

the world fell apart.


the world fell apart.

even if this sickness ends,

the glass is shattered.


you can’t fix the glass

after it has been broken.

we can’t fix the world.


week four of it all.

i’m going to die alone.

alone in my house.
nora Apr 2020
in these trying times,

our houses locked and shuttered,

fear is the king.
  Mar 2020 nora
In a great fountain garden,
tulips and lovely flowers bloom,
vibrant colours give life
to the Hampton Court Palace

Catherine of Aragon sat with grace,
watching the tranquil sky
as the bird sends sweet greetings
She slowly wipe the sadness coming
from her eyes

The Roman Catholic fell down from King Henry's hand
as the pope opposed his wish
Tyranny started to rule,
20 years of love and struggles come to an end

'Oh father, my heart is in pieces. Spare me the light, make me alive.'
Catherine whispered an agonized cry
begging for mercy in the Heaven's above,
she stood up and smiled in so much pain
Then slowly, she walked away
knowing Henry and Anne Boleyn is in a happy place.*

Inspired by some medieval palace stories. One of them is the Hampton Court Palace in England, where King Henry VIII once ruled together with his strange love stories with six wives including the first, Catherine of Aragon. He asked for annulment when he fell in love to "The Great *****", Anne Boleyn. Interesting.
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