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xavier thomas May 18
We should cook meals together
I know this food will taste good
Let’s experiment up in the kitchen babe
Get the ingredients & turn on the stove babe

We should cook meals together
Turn on the stove
Making breakfast
Pancakes, bacon, eggs, with some french toast.

This is the vibe that I bring
Hungry for more
This is not just a fling, I’m trying to eat with you.
I’m trying to eat with you.
Cooking meals, cuddles in bed
Drinking wine, watching cartoons like Tom & Jerry TV shows.
Tell you “good morning love”
Kissing your cheeks & your forehead.

But tomorrow, let’s redo this again
Where we wake up in the morning
Place you on counter
**** naked, cooking eggs
with sun on us
remembered dishes
passed from smile hand
to hand

The love does not diminish,
like all the good stuff

I’ll hold mine in reserve
for every one of you I miss
Bryce Nov 2018
To count upon my woe
and prostrate myself at your command
Lips ruminate the words
The powdered skin of slushy snow

And is he only man
With passions gone of last I heard
To all the moments never known
The last of which would fell the ******

Though mortal sighs were solemn dirge
Anticipate the breaths you blow
Inside the shaking grip of hands
Clasps the sudden, hidden urge

To count upon my thoughtless woe,
The last of which would raze the land.
Maria Etre Jul 2018
I can make cake
make smiles
happiness too

I can make meals
heart beats
I can make love

I can make drinks
and poetry

but I can't
make you
Brandon Conway Jun 2018
Two hours with pay
To roam around town
Anything, to get away
This cube paints my frown

I used to do it just to get away
But now I am not so sure
Now I take,
                No I mean volunteer,
                                        My day
The one moment I can savour

Never thought pleasure would come
By giving a helping hand
Never thought a smile would be from
Helping those that life has left astrand

I travel the town for miles
Deliver the weekly meals
Return to work with a genuine smile
A frown, upside down, now heals

Well at least for a little while.
Jean May 2018
Is talking a normal thing
families do at meals?
Is there something more to bring
Other than knives and forks and silence?
And does that silence often reveal
Something along the lines of defiance?

As we clear our plate
We talk of null
Only what we must restate
And once we sit a quiet fills
every seat of the table
No words left and so silence overfills

We sit and eat
Yet silence always feels like a threat
I must wave defeat
With a white flag of surrender
But can one do as much to forget
To not cry or even faltar?

Because when you dare
to speak aloud
to let words grace the air
You are only met with the feeling
That your words are not to be avowed
They are only meant for nothing
Kirby Walton Feb 2018
The sun rises and wakes a morning yearning
Like corporate cattle cows to slaughter, we leave to earn our meals

The sun is now at its highest we eat, but our ears are burning
Whilst blunt babbling bosses bellow orders, to feed egotistical wheels

The sun is setting now, we crave our sleep, we're yawning
But lengthy long logs and lists amount, as time it likes to steal

We are now at our twilight, and the cracks are finally showing
Whilst our plundering pirate pathetic leaders, go eat their gluttonous meals.
Journey of Days Apr 2017
peeling potatoes is a therapy
well it is with Nan
chatting about nothings
little weapon in your hand

peel them thick when you are angry
thin when taking care
rough when you don't give a ****
Nan: "I think we'll leave it there"

memories of peeling literally tonnes of potatoes for family meals at Easter  with my Nana

great chats and fun times
Kash Dec 2016
Eating together is bonding
but I can only manage half
Calvert Nazareth Dec 2016
The little café down the street
Is very strange, mind you.
They serve the most outlandish things-
Just LOOK at the menu…

For breakfast, there’s elephant eggs and fried ham
And beetles with pelican roast;
There’s also snail porridge and green grasshoppers
And jellyfish on buttered toast!

For luncheon, there’s fresh skunk and butterfly wings,
Roast dragon in cuttlefish sauce!
Strawberry scented silkworm cocoons
Spiced with a pinch of green moss.

For dinner, there’s octopus tentacle soup
Spaghetti with chocolate syrup;
Pizzas with cherries, bananas, whipped cream,
Stewed platypus served in a tub.

For dessert, there’s horrible blue cheese ice cream
And porcupine custard,
Jalapeno soufflé and black pepper cake
And cookies with mustard!

That little old café down the street
Is a nightmare.
Mark my words, I’m telling you,
You should never go down there.
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