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cmy Feb 2017
It's so uncertain to feel the way I do
In looking at you always and not exactly know
What really is stirring in me
Deep, dark and true.
cmy Dec 2016
As night unfurls its way into our minds
I can't help but ask surreptitiously
Why sleep doesn't come all at once
Unless if I tire for having had errands done.
This is for when all the times I couldn't sleep
cmy Nov 2016
I will miss you, my truest friend and colleague,
May your tomorrows be days full of hope, joy and courage,
In your new workplace, let your heart be at peace,
For your family, your loved ones, are no more to be missed.
*I dedicate this poem to Pn. ***, my colleague and one of my truest friend to ever live in my life. I will miss you so much. God bless you and your loved ones everyday and always, Pn. ***. ❤
cmy Oct 2016
Trust no one, not even yourself,
Trust not your deceitful heart,
Neither trust your confused mind,
Especially with others,
Do not trust your anger at all times,
For words cut deeper than wounds
Both sides might hurt and never return.
This poem is for when I feel brokenhearted and my heart bleeds blue. When cruel words hurt me and I couldn't trust myself not to hit back. When I feel angry and couldn't think straight, couldn't do things right. When truth is shielded from me, I try my hardest to seek God.
May all of you find Him when you need Him most. God bless all of you guys.
P.S. Sorry for keep on changing the words. I wasn't satisfied with it until now.
cmy Oct 2016
A cloud in the sky
Unassuming, lost and dry
It wandered and died.
cmy Oct 2016
Dark clouds hurtling by
Showing sketches in the sky
Winds storm and thunder
cmy Oct 2016
When dark clouds appear
All I want are friendly rains
But a strange storm came.
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