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Annie Sep 2019
All of my life has been a search
For things I could not see
For matters founding in my heart
For things that I could be
I sold my home and life
For principiality
But everything was worth the price
And Im remorselessly

Yet I wonder now and then
Whenever I am asked again
What I have answered once
Though I walked freely down that path
And there is no regret
and yet
I wonder what I felt inside
What caused my mind to set
This way along the past
What craving caused my vast
Amount of ruthlessness

I lost my time, with no remorse,
And all of my appeal
The breaking clocks may have been worse
But still, I could'nt feel
Nor understand
what Ive been searching for

And when I carried on my way
I lost myself in forlorn days
Where I found something new
I never had been searching for
And yet I felt that something grew
Inside of me
That let me fear
The things about to come

For I got lost,
found by someone,
Something that changed my mind
I didnt want to lose that fast
Nor leave it all behind

And for the first time I did fight
I changed the clockwork of my mind
I chose a place, a time a side
And wonder about all my life
About decisions, thoughts and creeds
I owned in future pasts
For any deed
I would regret
And yet
I wonder
What have happened
to my heart
Lilly frost Jun 2019
For those who fall fast
Past the pits of time to those depths of mind
For those who refuse and refuse the refuge of a single thought in which they are sane
A changing mind is no enemy
A turning heart can tear apart the brightest of suns or the darkest of seas
A changing mind may leave behind a life unadored
But open your eyes to a life that was left unexplored
Clara Dec 2018
I feel my heart shrinking
without light, without air
feel the pressure increasing
no space anywhere

Crushing, constricting
screams muted by lies
but what will remain
if anything does

A fish out of water
a bird thrown to the ground
Adapting? Surviving?
Or wilting, drying out

I plucked myself
I broke my core

Now I'm left with the pieces
I forced out of the puzzle
and the puzzle keeps changing
I can't put them back

This hole in my chest
frayed edges, torn pages
For nothing, a thing

Here I stand
HoneyPotter Feb 2018
Here I am slowly walking
Down the road I have taken
Have passed through the two roads
Diverge in a yellow wood
The choice has been made
I chose to take this road.
But I was defeated
my mind is a traitor
The thoughts of “could have been”
Have started to win me over
“It would have been better
if I have chosen the other.”
I feel so hopeless and helpless
sadness, regrets and pain
I don’t know when
I’ll be able to reach the end.
I looked to the direction
Of where I came from
I closed my eyes and saw again
reasons why I’ve traveled this far
I started to feel again
The same feelings i have
When I’ve taken my first step
It was a desperate feelings
Of excitement, untainted and pure.
And then I remembered a poem
That says to not regret
and make a big difference
With the choices we made.
So I have managed to continue this journey
with no turning back,
Looking forward to the end
Regardless of what’s waiting
Despite it being unknown
I have to make this choice
A successful decision.
I was in the middle of war with my own mind before I wrote this. Thoughts of "what if" are slowly eating me inside. My career is going downhill lately and things are not going according to my plans.

And then I saw Robert Frost's the road not taken and it cheered me up and inspired me to keep going.
It helped me not to regret my choice. It boost my confidence that my chosen path is the right one for me. :)
Rod E Kok May 2015
I have lived my life
surrounded by concrete,
bright lights,
speeding cars,
next door neighbors.

My own brand
of peace,
of solitude,
of quiet.

It was all an illusion,
for time has been filled
with constant

Now, as I get older
I long for something

I crave nature's wild sounds,
I desire impenetrable darkness
that holds my deepest secrets.

I fear that my thoughts are exposed,
what with all these streetlights
shining like dented halos
around my very existence.

Alas, it is not meant to be.
For as I draw near
to the end,
I suppose it is too late
to move towards
a different life.
This is the poem I wrote as a warm up for #NaPoWriMo. Over the next month or so, I hope to post all of them.

— The End —