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Sonia Ettyang Feb 16
Back and forth we've made rounds with this unrequited love. Shifting blames while stroking egos. I think it's time we let this go before we drive each other out of our heads.
© Sonia Ettyang  
November 2018
Wrote this while listening to (Hooverphonic- mad about you orchestra)
Scarlet M Sep 2017
Sugar-coated promises, hope with a hint of bitterness,
mixed with mad love,
the perfect combination for disaster.
Masry Aug 2017
Why does time freeze when I look into her eyes?

Why does time fly when I see her smile?

Why can't I stop thinking about her?

Why does my heart skips a beat every time I see her?

And then I always ask myself?

Why did I ever fall for her?

And lastly why can't I get over her?

i was first fallen in love and I knew I was out of her league
so i wrote poems to express myself and my story
i hope you like it :D
The softness of your face
The color of your eyes.
Sounds out the ticking of the clock.
Ive never fallen so hard.
I fell on these shards of glass
I had to pull them out of my heart.
Please baby dont make me start,
It'll tear us apart.
Dont go chasing me
Because I know
If i should stray
These skies will return me to you.
I didnt start loving you today,
And theres not much to say
But your eyes
Through the skies
Are watching me.
And an honor it is to me
To be completely free
To love you so.
Oh in your love i have grown,
Something that cant be known.
Your lips, so full
It warms my soul.
And when i get lost
When i almost die in the frost,
These skies will return me to you.
I will always fight,
And you always hold me tight
We are together always
Not a tide to tear me away from you.
Love me with all you got,
Treat my heart like its been shot.
And dont let me go
*because the skies will return me to you
Ive been feeling my poetry hasnt been too good lately, so i tried really ******* this one
Shay Callow May 2016
I kept running back to you; the one who kept breaking my heart -
spewing venom off your tongue and poisoning my mind was your art.
I tried so hard to see the Angel hidden in your demonic front;
but of your destruction and your sadistic nature I bore the brunt.
Shay Callow Jan 2016
You were the Venus flytrap enticing me in,
and once you'd imprisoned me; everybody knew it would begin.
I was only a flower with petals so withered,
I'd die at the hands of you, everybody figured.
Shay Callow Dec 2015
Someone moves like a python striking prey,
someone screams at the top of their voice moving away,
and suddenly it's as though I'm back to you and me,
and I relive all the things you'd do to me.

Someone brushes me by; touching my skin,
and a friend kisses me on the cheek with a friendly grin -
but I flinch violently; scared of what might happen, evergrowing eerier
because you used to leave not kisses but bruises laced on my exterior.

Someone is drinking straight from a bottle of whiskey
not caring about his actions which really are rather risky.
And I'm reminded of you and the way you used to drink
and how you'd blame It for the way you'd throw my head against a wall with a clink.

Someone spills wine onto the floor without a care,
but all I can do is panic and stare,
because had that been me when I was with you,
I'd have been your punchbag every waking moment - you know it's true.
Shay Callow Dec 2015
I saw how obsession led to the rotting of your mind,
and threw you onto the path of madness of a kind;
it all began when he stopped looking at you the way he used to;
yes it all began when you realised he'd never even loved you.

You thought you could win his heart,
if only you could make yourself look like a work of art,
so you dropped six stone and dyed your hair blonde,
everything to keep him from his need to abscond.
And you pierced your nose and got a tattoo,
all because you knew that was the kind of girl he was into.
You became emaciated - a skeleton so withdrawn,
no longer the person you once were and now so forlorn.

I saw how obsession led to the rotting of your mind,
and threw you onto the path of madness of a kind.
Now you're just a shell of a girl I used to know;
a ghost who lost her once golden glow.
Tanisha Jackland Dec 2015

I guess all of the
yelling and biting
Has paid off.

He is in awe.

I bring to him this pain
Whenever he is empty.
When he is waiting
for me to meet him at his ghost.

He brings to me this
rejection whenever
I am hungry.
When I want more.

The kind that refuses
even stolen kisses.
The kind that revels in power.

I am astounded as I feel it.

We both just want to walk awake.
To feel everything within each instant.
To welcome the gut in every waking hour.

We’ll make each other feel something,
even if it is from teeth gripping at ****** skin.
Shay Callow Dec 2015
I love that cheeky and sassy smile on your face,
and the way you hold me within your embrace.
I love the way your eyes are the colour of earth kissed
by spring falls and how the feel of your touch throws me into the midst.
I love the passion that spills from within you
and the way we connect on many different levels too.
I love that you're the only person I truly trust
with all my darkest secrets; you make things better like magic fairy dust.
I love how you support me in all my endeavours and dreams
and how you're the one who helps me face my demons by all means.

I am undeniably, deeply, irrationally and pathetically in love with you,
and the idea that one day you might fall in love with me too is something I cling onto.
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