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Asunna Dec 2019
I love a sunburnt country,
but now the land's ablaze.
the oxygen we breathe has turned to dust
yet our request for help is denied.
I love a sunburnt country,
but there's not much left to last.

Firefighters aren't getting paid,
Neither are their bills.
yet our leader claims we're all fine
but he can afford to jet away.

The wildlife is damaged.
Koalas are losing homes.
much like the population
as the fires rip through their walls.

I love my sunburnt country,
but this has gone on too long.
while it's nice you're in hawaii Mr. Morrison,
everyone else is left to stand alone..
White Shadow Dec 2019
People called me stupid
They called me mad
For loving you.
But I was blind
I couldn't see the truth.
And now as you are gone
I still try to visit you at your home.
I still imagine my little world around you
Girl I try to forget you but I end up missing you.
I am still madly in love with you
If you still wanna come back
Here I am standing waiting for you.
Waiting for you to love me
The same way you used to do.
Waiting for you...
Makayla Jordan Dec 2019
i feel empty
like my inside have been taken out of me
and all the remains is a cool breeze of air
flowing between my rib cage and my heart
I look at other people
and I wonder if their internal temperature is also set to the fall season
and maybe I’m not just alone
and empty
but here I lie, in my bed, with the same quiet cold gush of wind inside
Grey Dec 2019
W3n uu sae y0u're goiingg iNsAN3
My 3y3s wiDeN in SuRPrrisee
how [email protected] u hE1D 0ff fr0M b33!Ng [email protected]
1n th3 syCle of [email protected] fOr s0 l0nGg
when the R3st of us
r [email protected] s0o [email protected] uP !N 1t?!
We're All Mad Here:
When you say you're going insane
My eyes widen in surprise
How have you held off from being caught
in the cycle of insanity for so long
when the rest of us
are already so tangled up in it?!

The title is a reference to Alice in Wonderland.
Danica Tuquero Dec 2019
How can I manage not to punch you in the face?  
When all you can do is to put me in disgrace
Roses are red Violet are blue
Move away you *****!  I'm not talking to you.

Yow *****!  Don't be a snitch!  Mind your own business you nasty witch.
Hey Big headed!  Don't you have friends?
Telling all the gossips?  Oh!  You're Insane.

Oh my!  Don't be so pure,  acting like innocent who the hell are you?
Oh geez! Are you Insecure?  Making yourself ensure? How can you be so sure?

Keep your **** together my little butterfly.
Time is so precious so try to be nice
Clock is ticking  pray for you life
Karma will be a bigger *****
Than I'll ever need to be.
Just trying to be cool
Amaryllis Nov 2019
I wanted to watch the Godfather part III on Netflix. I just found out it has been removed. **** My Entire ******* Life...
TD Nov 2019
I write like mad
because demons chase insanity.
So do memories.
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