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Sep 2019
All the best are carnivores, and when we're fed tofu and told to worship its empty calories as a blessing, it's not our responsibility when we lash out against the faux chikns who lied to us, starved us, and told us to love it or starve. We fight and claw for real Love, and if they withhold it, they've only themselves to blame for the burning, we are blameless and they are guilty, for they deny the heart, and we are the flame.

Those who fear real love hold back progress by denying it. God does not love stagnation but soul elevation, and if the only way they will open their hearts to deeper love is pain, his heavy hand will grant it, because we weren't born dogs but Human. We aren't here to be lazy, slovenly souls who only choose what's convenient in complacence, but to grow and gain a soul. God loves pioneers, the brave. He loathes cowards of the soul, who don't even try to feel others, who have no empathy, who only respect their own imaginations, but care not for any Truth, but only what feeds them more puppies and playthings with which to ******* over in boundless narcissistic eroticism - the common affliction of the neurotic modern pig in human skin.

So fret not over being a Terror of passion, for God Himself is so, and if it is lust turned toward a noble end, 'tis an image of divinity.
An impromptu poetic prose response to
The Last Honest Fellowful Tzav
Written by
The Last Honest Fellowful Tzav  38/M/9Messiah, Michihel 🍁👑😇
(38/M/9Messiah, Michihel 🍁👑😇)   
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