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Chad Young Feb 2021
Sometimes silence has little use.
The "made white" ghost even feels silence a burden.

Sirens call "them" to me.
Wicked Caucasians here mostly.
Is it circumstance that calls my back to be straight?
Poor Caucasians drunk, violent, mischievous, or in possession.
Why do we do it?
Are we fed up with the powers of the world, so we lash out against what we see is their society?
Is it really a lack of gratitude for the wisdom that the hand of God has dealt?
For we are all equal/united in wealth, for God's wealth is in the possession of the poor and God's destitution is in the possession of the material wealthy.
But if ignorant of this unity, or in doubt of it, who can help one in rebellion against God?
For those who we think are more powerful, really abide by the "unity of station" where no one is exalted above another. For exaltation and righteousness is expressed in apparent abasement and wickedness.
For many an outer bad deed has hidden an inner good deed.
Can we not be agreed?
Disturbed silence
All the best are carnivores, and when we're fed tofu and told to worship its empty calories as a blessing, it's not our responsibility when we lash out against the faux chikns who lied to us, starved us, and told us to love it or starve. We fight and claw for real Love, and if they withhold it, they've only themselves to blame for the burning, we are blameless and they are guilty, for they deny the heart, and we are the flame.

Those who fear real love hold back progress by denying it. God does not love stagnation but soul elevation, and if the only way they will open their hearts to deeper love is pain, his heavy hand will grant it, because we weren't born dogs but Human. We aren't here to be lazy, slovenly souls who only choose what's convenient in complacence, but to grow and gain a soul. God loves pioneers, the brave. He loathes cowards of the soul, who don't even try to feel others, who have no empathy, who only respect their own imaginations, but care not for any Truth, but only what feeds them more puppies and playthings with which to ******* over in boundless narcissistic eroticism - the common affliction of the neurotic modern pig in human skin.

So fret not over being a Terror of passion, for God Himself is so, and if it is lust turned toward a noble end, 'tis an image of divinity.
An impromptu poetic prose response to
(Ballad: exhortation to praise God.)

Extol the Lord Most High,
Let his praises ring.
Throughout all the earth,
Exalt his lovely name.
Embrace His purity,
And testify his fame
From the rising of the sun
To the setting of the same.
(A Psalm of Exaltation.)

The angels worship and cry holy,
Covering their face before him
Whose throne is of jasper
And the sardine stone.

His presence is brighter
Than the sun at its brightest.
He is more glorious
Than ten-thousand-noonday suns.

His beauty exceeds the topaz, ruby,
Onyx and beryl stones.

My head bows,
And my heart is humbled.
My hands rise in submission
To his will.

Elohim! Elohim! Most high God,
Unto you, I give praise.
Poem written for my book of original psalms.
(alternately titled GENESIS RESPLENDENT)

The ability of corporeal (once arboreal) beings to adduce, contemplate and exhaust gray inner knobby matter oft times finds this clothed apish chap entertaining gamesome insight. How did this, that or another thought spring forth per mine consciousness? This conjecture might be a shrunken modus operandi how life began, which query mankind scrunched brow throughout **** Sapiens history did contemplate.

This veritable stranger sends what he hopes you consider to be

a most pleasant unexpected note

allowing further discourse (communication) a boot

ourselves, and maybe fledgling acquaintanceship

will positively resonate akin to a magic flute,

whereby digital life jackets donned in virtual trump petsmart boat

perhaps if weather inclement, an additional slick trojan raincoat

to help stay dry until destination reached

perhaps landing upon a north Carolina island

resembling hill Billy goat, whence springs germ of sum re: idea

takes root exhibiting potential va lance lives strong

when juiced sta stp away from ma super ***** violating

tender tinder and tumblr ova vulnerable shoot.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

To search for source that gives rise enabling **** sapiens to think

this ace of spades heart felt (albeit diamond in the rough poet)

digs shallow sometimes force fool lee with light club

to emulate spelunker easing into ***** of Gaia,

or shine laser focus into chasm teetering on the brink

hunting down gamesome elusive dodging idea sunkist,

dogged catlike whimsy doth elusively, and we silly out pace

yet hi yam ready with whorled wide net to capture alive

agile rat scorpion fink unseen quiet as mouse notion

gives this hardy laurel a *** vine run for his money

quite a chase - bank king analogously viz monkey and weasel

scurrying thru microcosmic burrow of cerebral size manhattan

sky scrapers at a blink quarry arising whim of mine

vanishes without a trace quick as mental cogs & wheels

generated riveting link, perch ants connected

to previous pondering within cranial place, or appear

as some random non-sequitur conscious kink

distracting ability to latch onto awesome fleeting mind space

inducing minor frustration at lack of ability

dag nab bit (albeit painlessly) steely zinc

shimmering insight cognizant

ability likened to ode Grecian urn vase frieze

depicting close capture thought process cold playing life

spans shorter than a wink via third eye blind

of this comfortably numb, yellow brick walled

beatle browed face, whereat he espies verdant

pastoral themes that billow and flow

- - - - - - - - - - - - -
across terra firma hallowed ground

sanctimonious from immaculate mother Earth conception

synchronized in a symphony with terrestrial

fauna and flora which life forms abound

via natural laboratory qua nature,

especially at seasonal dawn of spring tide

where multitudinous existence can be found

carving out a figurative zoological niche

in a kaleidoscope of colors and sounds galore

idyllic melodic musical sounds

artist palette of rainbow blended sights

which twin manifestations of restorative and natural calm

assuage auditory and visual sense pleasures respectively

serve as psychic balm against global threat

of life, liberty and happiness triage psalm

rampant in the form of diabolical deliberate deeds

bred in the soil of deep rooted hatred

kudzu resistance asphyxiates human camaraderie

democratic state attacked with no qualm

malicious and terroristic plot methodical map

blueprint leaves catastrophic trail of red

dire prognostications constitute doomsday scenario

no rocket scientist mentality requisite

grave misfortune writ large for all life!
When first shower of monsoon
Touched the emotions
Of my innocent heart
Its strings began to ring
Drops of rain began to open
The windows of my heart
And with its tender touch
Heart began to pour out
Pearls of positive thoughts
Now everything seemed positive

Seeds of inspiration
Sowed by a rain shower in my heart
Began to reverberate
Everything now appeared inspirational
Seedlings of love and compassion
Began to germinate and
Fresh winds of peace and humanity
Started blowing in my heart
Monsoon shower roused
A new hope to live and
Left a lasting legacy
Every corner of my heart
Heart bells started ringing exaltation
And raising wave of happiness
Monsoon shower taught the heart
A new art of living

Darkness changed in brightness
The heart began to rejuvenate
The monsoon shower infused
A new life with peace and prosperity
And kindled the lamps off
Bright and prosper tomorrow

(Written by Kishan Negi)
First shower of monsoon infused new life in my heart and a new art of living

— The End —