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Big Virge Sep 28
Do I ... " Fit In ? "
Do You ... " Fit In ? "

Is ... " Fitting In " ...
just ... One More Sin ... ?

"Fit" .... "Into This" ... !!!
"Fit" .... "Into That" ... !!!

You May Just ...
... "Fit Something" ...

That ...
May Leave You ....

..... "Trapped" ..... !!!!!

We Seem So Obsessed ... ?!?
With ... Being In Zones ...
Surrounded By Clones ...

But ...
Movies Have Proved ...
It Isn't ... All Bad ...
To Be ... Stuck ...

.... " Home Alone " .... !!!

I've Looked At This Subject ...
In ... Different Ways ...
Cos' ... This Is A Subject ...
We ... NEED To Inspect ...

Are YOU ... NOT Happy ... ?
With ... " WHO YOU ARE ? " ...

Would You Prefer ... ?
To ... Look Like A Star ... ?!?

Have Your Face ...
Built Like ... "Britney" ... ?

You ...
Must Be On ... CRACK ... !!!

And ...
Share Pipes With ... "Whitney" ... !!!!!

See ...
People Like ... THESE ...
AREN'T Worthy of ... " Pity " ... !?!
Cos' Actions Like These ...
Are CLEARLY ... Quite Needy ... !!!

They Want Some ... "Acceptance" ...
For ... BREAKING Gods' Blessings ... !!!

I'm NOT Real Religious ...
But People Like These ...

NEED ... Biblical Lessons ... !!!

You Can't ... Replicate ...
A Strangers' Resemblance ...!!!

Why Would You WANT TO ... ?!?!?!?

It Makes ... Little Sense ... ???

Surgeons ... REALLY Do This ...
To Earn ... " Pounds and Pence " ...

The Case That They Build ...
Has ... "little defence" ... !!!!!!!!!

The Body You're GIVEN ...
Is ... UNIQUE To You ...

To Change Such A Thing ...
Should Now Be ... " Forbidden " ...

But ... REMEMBER Folks ...
This Is ... MY OPINION ... !!!!!!

This Need To ... " Fit In " ...
To A Model ... "Size Ten" ...

Has Left ... " Mental Scars " ...
On ... Many Women ... !!!!!!!

But Of Course ... Who Am I ...
To ... Tell YOU What's Right ... !?!

I'm ... Offering Clues ...
Through ... Simple Insight ...

So ...
DON'T Come To Me ...
With ... Tears In Your Eyes ...
Because Your ... " 3rd Op " ...
Has ... RUINED Your Life ... !!!!

I'd Rather ... " Fit In " ...
To FIT ... " Natural Thighs "
Whilst ... Looking Into ...
A Womans' Third Eye ...

Or YES ... Better Still ...
A ... Great Pair of Hips ... !!!
Whilst ... Pressing Gently ...
Against ... JUICY Wet Lips ... !!!

I'm ... FLIPPING The Script ...
But These Things ... " Fit In " ...
Like ... " Holsters and Clips " ...

See ....
Why ... Join A Gang ... ?
To Fire ... " Bullets ??? " ...

Cos' Youth Who Do This ...
Are Being ... " Foolish ! " ...

These Are The People ...
Police ... NEED TO GRIP ... !!!!!

Instead of ... Disappearing ... ?
When ... Hurricanes HIT ... !!!!

Now ... I Want To FIT ...
Into ... One Simple Thing ...

The Arms of A ... " LADY " ...
Who ... DOESN'T Enlist ...
A Book To Explain ...
" Her Relationships " ... ?!?

They ALL Are ... " UNIQUE " ...

Yeah ...
Kind of Like ... " ME " ...
Cos' Something I NEED !!!
Is A Chance To Be ... FREE ... !!!!!

As I Would Want ...
My Lady To Be ... !!!

NOT With ... Each Man ...
She ... Happens To See ... !!!

Or With HER ... Body ... !!!

I'd Like Her To Keep ...
That Thing ... " Just For ME " ... !!!

But ...
FREE Wth Her Thoughts ...

And ...
FREE With Her Mind ...

NOT To ... " Fit In " ... !!!
With Those Who Are ... "blind" ...

Cos' People Like These ...
I've Tended To Find ...
Are People Who Want ...
To ... Leave You ...

... "In A Bind" ... !!!

GO .....
FIT IN With THEM ... !!!
And See What You Get ... ?!?

You May See Some Things ...
That ... "Confinement Brings" ... !!!

You Know What I Mean ...
A Room Where ... The Key ...
AIN'T Something You Keep ... !!!

A Room In A Place ...
Where You ... CANNOT Sleep ... !!!!!

Fitting In There ...

Leaves ...
Most People SCARED ... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Many CAN'T Cope ...
With ... Having To Share ... !!!

So .....

FIT Their Neck Into ...
A NOOSE ... Well Prepared ...

Before ... Jumping Off ...
A ... Prison Owned Chair ... !!!

But Being .... " Unique " ....
Can Make People ... " weak "
Because You Get Treated ...
As If ... You're A FREAK ... !!!!!

But ...
Who Are ... These people ... ?
The Ones Who Look ... " Chic " ... ?

They're Probably ... Those ...
Who ... DON'T Like How I Speak ... !!!

Well ... My Poetry ...
Helps Me To Feel ... FREE ... !!!!!

So ... People Like These ...
Can Keep ... Judging Me ... !!!

cos' I Won't ... Rescind ... !!!
The Chance To Be ... ME ... !!!

And DON'T Think It's Right ...

To Simply ...

.... " Fit In " ....
An interesting one in TODAYS' World, however, at the time of writing this, things weren't quite like they are now !
girasol Sep 2
means allowing yourself to give up
means breaking your own heart to save whats left
means forgiving
means gifting yourself a chance to heal
PYG's Whisper Sep 2018
I was a kid when I looked up at the sky
I was a kid when I pointed my finger at that star
I was a kid when I made that solemn vow that night
I was just a little kid with a big dream
A small body with a huge energy
I was innocent but my eyes were a mystery
All that was flashing through my mind was success
I was feeling a twinge of envy for those TV superstars
I was praying to god help me confess
Until that day when courage filled my heart
And my lips finally whispered my plan
Mama, I do remember that look in your eyes,
That surge of anxiety you felt,
That lack of confidence you had in me,
Those questions written on your face,
Would I be able to survive?
Would I make it alive?
Papa, I still think about what you wanted me to be,
An open-minded child with a brighter destiny,
You were standing still like a silent hill,
It smashed my hope but it didn’t tear my faith apart
I was running through blurry woods
Looking for the right door
To take me where I thought I belong,
Yes I made it that time
Mother father, drew that smile but it was obviously fake
I wasn’t ready to quit
I was fully aware, it was my journey,
I swore that I would be the pride of my family
I ignored my adventuring youth and work hard for the glory
I endured the pain and aches in order to write my story
After everything I’ve done, here I am,
Felt like my fingertips are barely touching my childhood star
But visibly, it ain’t my Betelgeuse supernova
I’m swimming in an ocean of doubts
Still wondering if this is really what I chose
Day by day I keep questioning myself
Did I make a mistake?
Those people who have been walking just half of my path
Are already holding their shooting stars
Shining like a diamond
Just tell me who’s to blame?
Give me just one answer, why I’m stuck here going nowhere?
I’ve got a million queries choking me
I tried to run away but they keep following me
As soon as I blink my eyelids, I see my dreams fly away
Every day they price my talent but still underrated
You say it’s not my fault so tell me why I can’t keep moving on?
My future is covered by those heavy clouds
So what could happen if I lost myself in the middle of this road?
What if I fall down and live like a forgotten shadow?
I’m completely lost but I’m not strong enough to start over
Maybe I should come through this **** until my life’s nightmare winds up
Would I be able to see the light at the end of this show?
Or maybe die midway with an extensive regret?
My Betelgeuse Supernova, is a poem adaptation of a short story written by Rose Bleue, We both worked together for this project, I proudly had the honor to choose the title of this piece, this prose poem talks about a childhood dream that I referred to a Betelgeuse star, and how after many years of hardships, hard work and fights, that dream can't reach the ****** of its climb, that I described as a "Betelgeuse supernova" because astronomically that star is supposed to explode and to cause a supernova but no one knows when or how , and this is what happened with that kid's dream who's waiting for his supernova." ― PYG's Whisper

"As a writer of the main story “My Betelgeuse Supernova” this has always been my dream to help the readers out there to express their feelings about those who try to achieve their dreams. I know many readers want to catch them but talent isn’t enough to catch your childhood star.
From my personal experience I always dreamed to be someone who can express emotions using my voice. I’m working very hard to get there, and at the moment, I’m one step near to what I’m looking for but the closer I get to my dream the more I’m getting confused. Is this the right path? Is this what I really want? Until today I still can’t find the correct answer. But I realized something important, everything we see is not as good as we’re expecting.
To be honest I hesitated and thought a lot before writing this but thanks to PYG’s support in terms of emotion I bravely made this tough decision to write this story. I would like to say thank you to PYG’s Whisper and her team for make one of my dreams become true. I’m inexperienced in lot of terms but they're helping me with a lot of things. I believe that writing and poetry are both connected as one and I know PYG’s poetic spirit will deliver a deeper meaning of my story.
I hope that my collaboration with PYG’s Whisper will inspire you and help you ease your tension."
― Rose Bleue
SaWal Apr 2018
Oh yes I talk about trying, don't pardon me
Innocence has nothing to fear, this is what hardened me

Just quit man, give up, be the pawn in world chess these thought never cordon me
Rise for you may not reign, but rise for you may be right.. this is the lesson that gardened me

I was in the zone too, I still feel low at times, but I fought and will fight everytime, atleast now I know what my stardom is
Never counted much on anyone, because sometimes when did I got to know what the word phantom means

And trust me I do have dreadful nightmares, but i don't let them warden me
Because what's much bigger and brighter is my dream and the ones I want to live it with, that is what that heartens me

Over expectations, just like over exposure to light, gives you darkened s(K)in
Same people, same situation but different faces, learnt allotropes are not found in carbon only

Was down and low and in pieces, survived, now I am coming thundering for the win
Dream, travel, love, express, experience so the world knows you not just some iron molding

Everyone's at war, some fighting for glory, some voicing their story.. latter is how I unburden me
Miseries in abundance, it's HOPE that forms the basis of my ardent leap.
Araoluwa Jacob Apr 2018
Lately, I don't understand.
I don't understand how,
How I can't control the water that rolls down my eyes like a waterfall.
It's meant to flow when I'm sad,
It's meant to assist me when I'm sober.
It does the opposite,
It makes me feel no remorse.
It makes me feel powerful.
Sometimes, I question it,
"Why have thee forsaken me when I need thee?"
it still does not reply.
I feel powerless over it.
it has more control.
One day, I stayed in the darkness.
my eyes were closed.
I was trying to blind myself from reality.
I was trying to create a world full of my own fantasies.
But it didn't work out well.
Tears crept in from behind,
they woke me up.
I was so close to escaping but they brought me back.
I tried to hold them in but they came faster than I ever imagined.
They sneaked in through a Trojan horse.
An unforeseen enemy.
They made me feel vulnerable.
I didn't need them but they came.
I'm sure they laughed because of the victory,
I cried because of my pain.
at a period in time, i could not control my tears. and whenever i felt remorse, they was no tears to express it.
Genesis Hawley May 2016

It runs through me
I don’t understand it
But it makes me scramble
Makes me scream

So many things to fear
Enough to make me cry
What if they get divorced?
What if they never forgive me?
What if they find out?
What if you change your mind?
What if I lose you?
And then lose them?

It could be crippling
It could get control
It could drive me
It could cut me
It could **** me

But will it?
Will I let it?

Each day I make a choice
I have control
It will not win
It will not cut me
It will not ******* me
I have strength
I have hope
My life is my own
That’s right
It’s your turn to run
It’s your turn to flee
I control you
I will live
I won’t hold back

It is better to take a risk
To love,
To hope,
To dream,
To dance,
It’s better to take a risk
Than never try at all
Fear is small
I am rich in soul
And powerful in mind.

This life is mine.

Sky Mar 2016
With no rhyme or reason
I suddenly feel
furious and angry and frustrated and enraged
This is a time when my emotions
will destroy everything in my path
if left uncaged
It is a time when
I feel like a wrecking ball;
No, not the Miley Cyrus song-
A real wrecking ball to tear down the walls
Break through it all
Screams echoing down the hall
To fall on nonexistent ears
This is a time when I just want to
scream and cry and scream and cry,
and then cry and scream again
But my screams went silent long ago
And my tears just don’t fall
Crystalline in the lamplight
And maybe that’s why
Once upon a time
Blood stained the grimy bathtub floor
Dripping from the chasms that I opened
on my arms and legs and hips
Bottomless holes to set my demons free
Stop the screaming
The blood flowed the way the tears would not
Clean and strong, keep flowing on
Not afraid to leak past the surface of my skin
But blood is not an option anymore
A promise made, broken, made fresh again
I will not break my promise again
And I just wish that the tears would flow
clear and clean, emptying me
But I’m afraid to cry, splotchy red face
embarrassing me
Someone once told me
that I am strong
because I was brave enough to just go on
But bottled-up emotions and blood in the bathub isn’t strong
And I feel like an old Linkin Park song
So someone just tell me what the **** is wrong with me
‘Cause everytime I try to figure it out, I’m wrong
Older faces, wiser than me
tell me that nothing right now will last permanently
But anxiety like this, crippling heartbeat,
That doesn’t just go away
And I think the only reason I’m here today
is fear and true love;
Hope saved me so I may one day see
Sunlight on my child’s face, lighting up green eyes, my eyes
But I have to survive the hardest part first
and this is just the beginning
Fear pinning me down won’t let me move on
But love keeps me strong so I can still live on
But the darkness keeps nipping at my heels, so I run on
And sunlight brightens my scars.
Another emotional emotions have been all over the place the past couple of days...and I’m amazed I haven’t had a panic attack yet this week. My anxiety right now is sky-high, and depression is tearing up my mind so that I don’t even know what to think or feel anymore. I feel like the only rock I have to cling to right now is my boyfriend, and maybe my sister. Even the rock of my family has been covered by the stream I’m trying not to drown in.
Even though I am starting to open up more about my emotions, it’s still hard, and I’m still not saying everything, still not letting it all out...except for in my poems. My poetry is my only truth, my only real release.
I just want to take a moment thank my readers and followers for taking a couple seconds out of your daily life to read my poems, and to repost or leave a comment for me. You’re all awesome, and I couldn’t be happier for my 81 followers. :) It always brightens my day to see one of my poems trend, or to see good feedback, see a new follower, or even to see just a single like on a poem. So thank you all, you rock! It’s with the support of all of my readers that I’ll keep writing ‘till the end of my days, which will most likely be in 70 years or so. Yep, 70 more years of Sky. :) Look for me on those book covers, people. I’ll be there one day. :)
Awesome Annie Feb 2015
Exhausted isn't the correct word, as it's more of mind and soul. I bounced to many reality checks, it must've taken a toll.

I couldn't keep on trudging through dreams, while sitting before the hallows. Wasting wishes on nonsense things, while they leave me at the gallows.

I've hung my head in defeat, so many times before. But I'm at that twisted point in life, where I can't take much more.

Shadows follow me where I may go, voices so sinister and wicked. We ***** our fingers on spinning wheels, ignoring what was long ago predicted.

Backwards bones of forgotten men, lay in disarray. All because life's a *****, and she wants to make you pay.
Awesome Annie Aug 2014
Its nothing I can say, only something I can feel. If only I could wake up and know it isn't real.

I lost it, through my fingers let it slip. Heard and felt it in my heart as it broke away and ripped.

Grief can never be a comfort, as time goes ticking fast. But I know for people like me, happiness doesn't last.

I sit and wait, for this test in life just to finally end. But we know from past lessons learned, that sorrow has no friend.

— The End —