Jack tierney Aug 18

I need a friend
Or a helping hand
Someone to lead me
To feed me
Otherwise this addiction will soon take control

Mark Lecuona May 13

put a bloody mary in your salad you'll thank me later
i saw somebody do it then i remembered it was me
part bottle part bottle part can part shaker
pour some drink some shake some
put it all back where it came from
see what i mean?

hey now baby why don’t you try it for yourself
stop watching everybody else and live a little
eat what you want but about the irony on the side
i’m telling you to pour some more
and not live your life like before
see what i mean?

i recall listening to a feeling exploding inside
i wanted to ask a professional what it means
but he charges for my personal problems
i spoke to myself again about it
all they can really do is hope to find
nobody knows her true state of mind
see what i mean?

i’m speaking to a teenage girl now
i hate one of my parents what to do
when i was three everybody told me i would
they just laugh now and say wait till you have one
then you’ll wish you were a teen again
so why did they bother to have me then?
see what i mean?

Ally Ackley Nov 2016

I need help.
Not the rough, suck it up help,
but the soft gentle it will be okay help.
The kind where I will smile again
and laugh
and be happy
because my friend
It's been far too long
and far too hard
to be on my own.
Revisiting the urge to cut my wrists
And go without sleep.
I'm walking towards death
and darling you've got to run to catch up.
Nearing the edge
with a blindfold on
and you in my heart.
I will jump.
I will fly
and then I will fall,
but I won't be sad
for I have saved myself
from a life of consistent misery.
And from a

chloee Jan 2016

I'll always be here for you
when the days get really tough
when the nights without sleep
are beginning to get to rough.

I will listen to you rant
about how the world is so unfair
and ill try to make you better
because honestly I care.

you're one of the reasons I smile
and you help me so much
I hope the life you're living
is one that I have touched

I hope when times are good
that you think of me
and I hope when times are bad
you know i'll never leave

because like our song says
"ill never let you down"
I love you with all my heart
and I'm glad you have stuck around.

Always here for you
Anna Banana Dec 2015

You Must Remember

   A man in black approached me, the sun began to die. The wind blew around me in dark shades of purple and blue. I heard no heart beat but my own. Death, he was arrived. Arrived to steal my soul and bring me down to the hot hell fires.

Death, how he beckoned me so. His chains grabbed my wrists and pulled me to his cloak. I felt the fear, hate and grief of all those he has killed. Death please take me. Shatter my soul into a million pieces, for it’s of no use to me now. Rip my heart out of my chest and leave me to bleed, for I have no room for a  heart. Suck the life out of me ,for I do not deserve it. Death take me into your chamber of darkness, laugh at my agonizing screams and drink my blood with your thirsty teeth. Death I beg you, never let me see the light again.
But wait death, wait a minute. I remember the the sounds of dreamy laughs, I remember the radiating smiles that made me warm and I remember the love that I so desperately yearn for. Death, oh dear death release me from these chains! Death I’m suppose to grow old and die with love, not of hate. The world it used to be so grand and bright, now so full of fear and fright.
  Death have you ever felt love? I looked at hell through the eyes. Why do you not love and only despise? Death can you yourself die? Death released me from his chains and slowly moved away. Death are you scared? I asked him boldly. The room began to warm and the sun began to shine. Why are you not answering death?! He slowly backed away.
  “Fine, you shall live another day”

Anna Banana Oct 2015


they help us hide

from who we are

behind a curtain

dancing silhouettes

they’ll never know

puppets on strings

acting how we should

we spend so much time hiding

when the mask is removed

we  won’t recognize ourselves

we don’t even know who we’re hiding

scared to know what’s within

Anna Banana Oct 2015

Not even 18

She told me to sleep on the streets

“time to be an adult”

Jobs and school are not cool

Dreams and ambitious cannot take flight

But there’s no point in a fight

So I try with all my might

Sleeping on the steps

Working 8 hours shifts

School is a gift

No time to drift

Not even 18

Yet I’ve aged far beyond my years
all in one night.

Life is a little more complicated then this, but whatever..
s Jul 2015

I remember when I would help with dinner at my grandparents house.
My grandpa would always have me cut up vegetables.
He always told me I was holding the knife the wrong way, he didn't want me to hurt myself.
He would hold my hand and help me cut the vegetables so I would learn.
Well now that I'm older I dont need help.
Now that I'm older I avoid dinner.
I know how to hold knives.
The difference is that now I don't care how I hold it.
I am so careless.
Cause when I put it to my paper skin and watch the Ink fall out I just keep thinking about how my grandpa would remind me to hold it right so I don't cut myself and he would put his big hand over mine and show me how to do it the right way so I don't hurt myself.
But grandpa  now that I'm older that's all I use knives for.

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