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iamgone Nov 2020
my mind may have layers
stairs and levels
and turning
halls and rooms
but don't be fooled
my mind is not
a building
my mind is not
a home
in fact
my mind
is where i get
lost the most
I can't find refuge
not even in my own head
what day is it?
Ken Pepiton Mar 2020
My blockchain locks war out.

By exectutive order,
war is not legal.

War is out lawed, right of conquest is negated,

will ye **** me for knowing war is a reason
liars made up for payback.

mundanityrealistic every day regular stuff at

the level of muons appearing in places

we expected muons to be,
we see
as we saw, you see

about .3 sec ago, you know, you are determined

to read this line and wonder did you read
read or the past tence
as a flavor is a harmonic device in simplificity

ifity bop.
ifity boo, ifty ever after now, who are you?
Good Lord, we have 700 thousand youtube channels, hulu goes five levels deep, you poets shoul know this stuff for the future's sake.
Michael R Burch Mar 2020
The Leveler
by Michael R. Burch

The nature of Nature
is bitter survival
from Winter’s bleak fury
till Spring’s brief revival.

The weak implore Fate;
bold men ravish, dishevel her . . .
till both are cut down
by mere ticks of the Leveler.

Published by The Lyric, Tucumcari Literary Review, Romantics Quartely and The Aurorean. Keywords/Tags: nature, survival, bitter, winter, spring, fate, weak, bold, time, levels, leveler
Eefs Jungmann Nov 2018

Sorry everyone for the delay. This came to me on a walk home from the bus. I'm not quite sure what it means yet but I'm open to hearing your interpretations!
B E Cults Nov 2018
we know the world from
what we see on the back
of a tarnished silver spoon.

you could make an art out
of the polish, seeking the perfect
patina, judging the skill
of others; that grotesque collective gaucherie.

I say drop it in the dirt
and walk off into that
whirlwind of unsullied
strangeness swirling
behind the perspectives
we value so much.

do what you want.
it is in your hands.
L Brown Sep 2018
How I feel has never mattered to you,
I sit with these feelings and just ponder,
How come you never notice when I’m not ok,
How does what you feel always trump little ol me,
Why do you continuously mistreat and use me,
How is any of this okay?
If this is the world that you are offering me,
I want no parts.
I’m good love, enjoy!
Arcassin B Apr 2018
By Arcassin Burnham

we live for this break,
‎as much things as we say,
‎there's no room for mistakes,
‎I'll be one with you.

we fight different devils,
‎we beat different levels,
‎some have hearts like gravel,
‎I'll be one with you.

you're the,only one that knows my
Sayings are so fresh and new,
I'd admire you and all the flaws,
Wish I would have knewn you soon.

Dark days are ahead,
Dark days,
Dark days are ahead,
Dark days are ahead,
Dark days,
Dark days are ahead,
Dark days are ahead,
Dark days,
Dark days are ahead,
Dark days are ahead,
Dark days,
Dark days are ahead,

being alone in this world could be the
worst if you know what the feelings are
worth,and so forth,
being alone in this world could be
worst if you know what the feelings are
worth,and so forth.
Aaron LaLux Mar 2018
There’s levels to these levels,
she gets me because she gets me,
I’m high on life checking texts for what’s next,
as I navigate my carriage through this city,

staying gluten free like Putin me,
daily practice of Jiu Jitsu and yoga,
the real deal like Holyfield,
I thought I already told ya,

always on a holiday,
a Libra that’s gone till October,
and you think you’re gonna win this race,
but I’ve got news for you it’s already over,

I’m at the finish line with a vintage wine,
making a toast to the good life,
watching the sunrise from my balcony,
already knowing it’s gonna be a good night,

good night.

∆ LaLux ∆

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Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
I am much more than this body.
I'm a temple, I'm a soul, I'm a mind.
Sometimes I'm a movie stuck on rewind.
Reminiscing and replaying,
All the times I was decaying.
I am much more than this body,
That will fade with time,
Nothing lasts forever,
Not even this rhyme.
Written on 1/26/16
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