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John McCafferty Jul 2021
Freewheeling connections on belief
to lead, rule, follow and support.
Decided through a latent separation of sorts,
the choice in course for self determination.
Collective motivation from individual status,
with less regimented offers of conceit.
We transform when our shadows are shown,
as the clarity of transparency can aid growth.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
J Rodriguez Dec 2019
Every time I tried to leave the devil always had something to offer me!
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
She offers them a rose
and some quiet prose.
L Brown Sep 2018
How I feel has never mattered to you,
I sit with these feelings and just ponder,
How come you never notice when I’m not ok,
How does what you feel always trump little ol me,
Why do you continuously mistreat and use me,
How is any of this okay?
If this is the world that you are offering me,
I want no parts.
I’m good love, enjoy!
Sarah Jones Dec 2014
I’d offer you the world.
Every ocean and stream,
Every crevice and cave,
My flowers and trees.
But I know the answer clear.
“No, I have my own.”
K Balachandran Apr 2014
A resounding knock at the door,
a pair, with one killer smile stood
but how could she return it?
they barge in without waiting to be invited
the girl takes back her half of the smile at once,
and becomes the spokesperson
of the man with an intention,
from her strange countenance
one could discern in advance
the shock value of her request.

"As you know we live in great times
that value uncommon attainments more than ever,
we collect and auction them for the rich"

She didn't understand where they want to take her,
never heard the stream of tears would be the best sell
in an auction, though at times she was struck
by the sparkle that rivals the rarest of the real pearls

She stood perplexed in her hurt and pain, ancient
"Can't say how much we are fascinated
by your collection of grief, market is now wide
to accommodate, the variety of stuff in offer
your pain is so intense, it would certainly
create a stir in the heart of most hardened billionaire
we appreciate your persistence as a collector so rare"

She heard in deafening silence, the acidic voice trail off
is she saved or is it a bad dream yet again?

— The End —