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soulpledgee Jan 30

It was fun when we laughed together
but it hurts,to wipe my tears alone

The stage doesn't scare me
being alone at backstage does hurt me

It doesn't  when you chide me
it hurts when you show no confidence in me

It didn't hurt when you pushed me on bed
I was hurt when you closed the door,on my face

I gave you my all
IT hurts when you left me following my fall

It's hard when I fail
it hurts when you glare

It's tough to meet every month's need
but it hurts when I can't fulfill your wish
tried touch every aspect of life with good times and bad times
मेरी उदासियाँ तुम्हें कैसे नज़र आयेंगी...
तुम्हें देखकर तो हम मुस्कुराने लगते हैं..!!
again for you Jonu
I'm really very sorry if I hurt you with my love.
this is for you Jonu
आयी थी मै भी पापा की परी बनकर
मा मुझे बनाकर रखना चाहती थी आंगन की गुड़िया कहा था यह किस्मत को मंज़ूर
मा , बाप का दामन छूटा ,
लेखो ने ना जाने कहां ला कहां ला छोड़ा।
यहां की हवा कुछ बदली सी है
ना जाने क्यूं यहां नाम बदल जाते हैं
हर रात मैंने सोना को मोना और रिया को जिया मै बदलते देखा है
हर रात मैंने चांद की चांदनी मै चांदनी रंग के सिक्कों की खनक पे जिस्म बिकते देखा है
चांद की चांदनी को टटोलती चकोर जैसे थे हम
सूरज की चुभती किरण लगते हम

नन्ही जान को उसके आंचल से बिछड़ते देखा है मैंने
जिंदा लाश को चलते देखा है
किस्मत का रुख तो देखो ऐसा बदला
इंसानों मै वैशी दरिन्नदा जाग उठा
एक दरिंदे को एक मासूम को नोचते देखा है
मैंने सूरज को चांद निगलते देखा है
माना पैसे मै कमाती हु
पर देने तुम ही तो आते हों
हा माना मै सोती हूं तुम्हारे साथ , पर उसी बिस्तर पर तुम भी तो रात बिताते हो
एक हाथ से ताली नहीं बजती केहने वालों कहां जाता हैं तुम्हरा ज्ञान सागर जब तुम हमे ही चरित्रहीन बताते हो , क्योंकि भागीदार तो तुम भी हो
मेरे काम से ज्यादा मेरी एक कहानी है
ना तुम सुनोगे ना ही मै सुनाऊंगी
मेरी मासूमियत मेरा लड़कपन हो गया बचपन मै कहीं दफन
ना जाने किसे कहते है बचपन
हमारे सवालों पर उड़ा दिया जाता है कफ़न
मरकर भी नहीं होगी पूरी इंसाफ की कसम
कभी नहीं भरेंगे हमारे यह जख्म
याद रखना मुझे वैशिया कहने वालों मै एक कला हु तुम्हारी कलाकारी का
आखिरी मै सुन मेरे मतवाले मुझे जब तू देखे समझना दुनिया का आइना देख लिया है।
sorry if I hurt anyone with this poem.
Sarafina Nov 2018
If there were more swings you could join us,
So you get back some childhood memories
Enjoy the feeling of flying highs,
As well as the breeze in your face.

The beautiful landscape pulses the heart
It dress embodies health and longevity
From above everything was illuminated
By light which energizes the flowers.

The view of the sky has always amazed me as a child,
The freedom of swinging helped me gain self confidence,
Swings were my favorite in the playground,
And they will always be a part of my memories.

When swings are parallel their mouths are on fire
Their laughter as birds on a tree
Their coming together means “the world” to them,
and they’ll always be grateful for this.
My first poem
From the heart flows
the freshness of air
the warmth of touch
the glowing of eyes
the sound of a smile
the occasion of scene
the calmness of mind
the wings of time;
hence! The feeling of love.
your comments are welcomed
Blade Maiden Jul 2018
Who am I to keep you
from taking chances
stealing glances

Believe me when I say
I don't want to slow you down
by no means make you lose your crown

Quite the opposite it's true
I want you to hold this smile
for which I'd walk the extra mile

Simply what I'd love to have
is you to let me stand close to you
and maybe let me hold your hand then too

The only thing that troubles my mind
is not knowing if you want to share
your good life with me and if you think I'm worth the dare

Am I?
river Apr 2018
It’s a good life

I need to lose weight
I need to get better

It’s still a good life

You’ll never be good enough
You’ll never make it

It’s life

My life is lost
My life means little

It’s a good… Is it?

That girl doesn’t like, like you
That girl says your friends.. so, YOUR FRIENDS

It’s a long life

Ankles break
Ankles don’t always heal

It’s a tough life

People forget
People move on

It’s a cold life

Friends they come
Friends they go

It’s a backstabbing life

I don’t wanna leave
I cannot wait to get back

It’s a hurtful life

I feel empty
I feel like killing myself

It’s a ****** life

Someone helped
Someone loved

It’s a good life

It will always be a **** good life

As you age
As you turn the page

Remember a few things,

Play the cards you were dealt best you can
Cause even aces get cracked
And you still won’t get them often

Always remember who was there
Never forget who wasn’t

Keep the good time close to your heart
Keep the bad ones closer
Because there is so much beauty in struggle
And without bad times, there’d be no good ones

What happens never defines you
How you react does
And you get what you give
So punch your own ticket

There is ALWAYS a light at the end of the tunnel
But you wont get there sitting on the platform

Never forget a friend
Because people are still good, trust me.

Your scars don’t always show
So make sure you and the people who care see them

Not everyone cares
Find the ones that do
And try to be the one who cares to others

Make everyday count
And always have something to look forward to
You’ll never remember a night you got enough sleep
So step out of your comfort zone. Try something new-  even though you’ll regret it sometimes

Life is full of small victories, everyday
Win the day
Don’t forget to reward yourself for them
You probably deserve it

You’ll find yourself being the little guy a lot
Embrace that
Use that to your advantage
They’ll never see you coming!

Try to laugh
And never take anything too serious
Life can be better that way sometimes

Your mind is as important as your matter
Be sure take care of both
Look up
But keep up

Things are cool
Cool people are cooler
And bad people are the worst
So listen to the good music
But never underestimate the power of conversation
Because people can help

While everyone’s world doesn’t revolve around you
Your mothers does, your dad’s usually does too

There are rough patches
And they always seem worse than the good ones seem good
But winter isn’t forever
And summer isn’t always what it cracks up to be
So find the beauty in both

No matter where you are in your life
There are good times to be had
Life has mysteries
Life has misery- (a lot of misery)
But tomorrow is a new day

If you keep calm, work hard and just do right
Life can be a **** good thing

It really is a good life
As I leave my teen heres, here is a reflection on my teens. It was a ride to say the least. I was on top i was on bottom and everywhere in-between. From failure in my early teens to depression, anxiety and an eating disorder, I learned a ton. I hope you enjoy my reflection on these tough, confusing and at times awesome years.
Aaron LaLux Mar 2018
There’s levels to these levels,
she gets me because she gets me,
I’m high on life checking texts for what’s next,
as I navigate my carriage through this city,

staying gluten free like Putin me,
daily practice of Jiu Jitsu and yoga,
the real deal like Holyfield,
I thought I already told ya,

always on a holiday,
a Libra that’s gone till October,
and you think you’re gonna win this race,
but I’ve got news for you it’s already over,

I’m at the finish line with a vintage wine,
making a toast to the good life,
watching the sunrise from my balcony,
already knowing it’s gonna be a good night,

good night.

∆ LaLux ∆

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