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MetaVerse Aug 2022
H                         O
  H                                          H    
           O                                      O              
    2            H
                      H                        2                        
H                         O
  H                                          H    
           O                                      O              
    2            H
                      H                        2                        
Poemancer Dec 2020
serpent    crafted     with    billions    of    scales      of    human swears
brother  of  Behemoth;   carrying  mountains  of  envy  on   its   back
together they will rain down earthquakes and pillars  and jingle hells
spreading  diamond  dust  that  rots   inside  the  flesh  of  your  neck
for    all    the    glutton-f­ish     that    you    eat      shall    be    poisons
threatens    every­    hedonist,     burned    with    agonizing    pardons
Lily Bajo Apr 2020
She walks
Yes she has walked in a sea
Fecklessly running and strumming
Heart beating not seeing but grasping onto homeless dreams.
Note to self…
That next time you see Leviathan
Tell him there’s One much greater
And any time you hear the silent ring
Whistle while you work.

She prays for peace and she prays for mercy
Redemption only a sinking heart can long for
See she wondered in the wilderness
Singing breathless songs and looking into holes
A wild woman yet unnamed
A wild woman yet untamed

But she prayed for peace she prayed for mercy
So next time she sees Leviathan
She’ll tell him there’s one much greater
For when tears were her prayer
A king came to save her
On clouds of wonder
And righteous splendour
So she walks on...
Peyton L Sep 2019
Hiding in my stomach
where no one can find her
is a beast.

She's a shapeshifter, this monster.
Sometimes her skin is leathery
and membranous,
and wings stretch where her arms used to be.

Sometimes she's a mass of fur and
horns and talons.
Sometimes she's just a fog of darkness
leaking into the world.

But she never lets me forget
that she's there.
When I look into the mirror, I see her.
I'll touch my face
and find it utterly human,
and yet my reflection is a leviathan.
A demon.
She used to terrify me,
make me sweat and shake from fear.

But I've come to accept
that this is what I am.
A monster
whose teeth are stained with blood
of mine and others.
I can never brush them clean.
felt kinda edgy so I wrote this
Amanda Sheehan Jul 2019
Almost out of body
Almost mad from the
Pressure of it-
Great leviathan
Crouching on my rib cage
My heart strains to grow wings,
To take flight when I glimpse
The poisonous rubies of its eyes
And when its fanged mouth opens to
Set me aflame
I wonder if
I’ll ever stop burning
neth jones Mar 2019
You know you are wrong
when you bed me in our own litter
and The Feaster raises its head
to feed our relations with its attention
We persist
and you're having none of my boring objections
This bed has become a field
of mammal ply and spell craft
We sign out glyphs
in energies and positionings
In The Feasters eyes
we have meaning
we are positive
we glow for it
Feathers from air
we tap out
with a shared vocal hark crash the mind ;
plan flown on
an excercise of oblivion
Criminal tide rising
to feel upon the doggy moon
When The Love has only known The Night Time
with little illumination
the revealed is a frightful thing ;
a Medicine and a Leviathan
Mar Dec 2018
There's more hate in me now than there ever has been before.
Why do I feel so heartbroken?
Maybe because,
Once upon a time,
I thought that I knew my way.
I thought that I knew my purpose.
I have spent so much time building myself up,
And the leviathan has knocked it all down.
My strength has withered away to nothingness,
My feelings are not even considered.
This leviathan,
Has hurt me so deep,
For the sake of love.
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