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Eefs Jungmann Nov 2018

Sorry everyone for the delay. This came to me on a walk home from the bus. I'm not quite sure what it means yet but I'm open to hearing your interpretations!
Eefs Jungmann Feb 2017
With your hand in mine, I feel safe
With your arms around me, I feel warm
With your look at me, I feel strong
With your finger's caress, I feel fragile
With your kiss, I feel wanted

With your everything, I feel me
Without you, I feel **worthless
Hey everybody, deepest apologies for being so behind. Mad to think it's been two years since my last post but hopefully this is worth it. Hoping 2017 is better than 2016, to say the least unless your 2016 rocked. As always, feel free to message, give feedback etc or whatever you see fit-
E x
Eefs Jungmann May 2015
Just say yes
           'cause yes  is
  and means that
Hey everybody, sorry I haven't posted since January, been super busy and dearie me, time flies!
As always, hope you enjoy and feel free to give ANY feedback and happy almost summer holidays and if you're already on them, hope you're having an amazing time, at the very least!

This is something I put together about things I feel strongly about, for many different things. What's the worst that can happen?!?
Eefs Jungmann Jan 2015
Love is  strange but beautiful.
                   Use it
Just thoughts swimming around in my brain again.
As always, feel free to message, give feedback, like, share etc.

Remember if you ever feel or have ever felt used or have strong doubts, get away, you're better than that, make yourself happy!x
Eefs Jungmann Jan 2015
The older we get,
The more chapters are added to our lives,
The buckets of tears of shed, the threads of tissue which have since dried
The broken hearts which are repairing without us realising,
The words we have uttered to others or ourselves which have gotten us through,
The pain we endure, only makes one stronger,
The smiles and laughs that have been shared both publically and privately keep us human.

There's 365 days in a year but a little goes a long way if you make the most of it and live life to the fullest, prosper it.

         That's what makes one the wisest, here's to another year!
Just a little ramble because I haven't posted in a while.
As always, feel free to give feedback/comments/constructive criticism etc and most important is that I hope you enjoy!x
Eefs Jungmann Dec 2014
I love you
I hate you
Both three words
But one can
Effectively either make or break
Just thinking about the differences between love and hate, but how they can also be similar to so many ways.
As always, feel free to share/give feedback as you can do with all my other poems!x
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