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Rachel Procopio Jun 2019
Carrying a fallen leaf,
Over the grass, to cement,
Kept afloat through the torment,
Through the shadows
and down dark halls,
Fluttering above and never falls,
Although unseen, it’s felt throughout,
Lifting up, and clearing doubt.
Disappearing for a moment or two,
Always to return,
Lifting up the leafs’ weak body again.  
Guiding once more through cellar doors, Elevating through the window to tomorrow’s forevermore’s.

Although unseen, it’s clear as day,
You’re just like the wind.
Rachel Procopio Nov 2018
I am grateful
For life
And time spent with you
Though minutes turn in to hours
Turn in to days, without you
I am happy
We had years
Though many tears
Now pour
Thank you for being here
While you could
I’m sorry if I ever misunderstood
I will still smile
At memories that we made
And know that they
Will never fade
Rachel Procopio Sep 2017
I'm turning in tidals
I'm sleeping in waves
I'm crashing in metal
I'm living in graves

I'm cursed like a sailor
Born to enslave
A memory of trials,
A gloom made of grays
Rachel Procopio Jun 2017
Drink all the liqueur in every bar,
Jump in front of speeding cars,
Take my life to spare yours,
Get down on all fours.
    Anything for you.

Jump from Pluto to Mars,
Capture every single star,
Swim across the seven seas,
    Anything to make you stay with me.

Tie my tongue into a knot,
Stumble on the words I sought,
Rob the bank and dont get caught,
Look at all these things I bought,
    Anything for you.

Lose myself in a trance,
As long as you will have this dance,
I'll try not to step on your toes,
Let's just go with the rhythm as it flows,
Left, right, spin me around,
Spiraling down into the ground,
Something beautiful has been found,
What I've been searching for has been unearthed,
With you I feel re-birthed,
Refurbished, and renewed.
    All because of you.

Even if you throw me away like an old bill,
I will come running back, still,
    For you, I will.
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
I was going to buy you a star from the sky
But man doesn't own the universe
So they're all for you
Every last glimmer
Every last speck
Is for you
Written on 4/16/17
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
We all had to be a water droplet,
a blade of grass,
a piece of metal and shard of glass,
We all had to be an air molecule,
a mess of dirt,
we all have died and we've all gave birth. We've all been insects that live in the earth. We all had to be fleas,
We all had to dogs,
We all had to be Lilly pads and had to be frogs.
We all had to give and we all had to take,
We all had to lose and we all had to make, We're all on one team so we all have a say.
We are the characters and life is a play,
A roles a role but still we must not delay.
Your path is the only thing in your way.
We've all been here before but we don't have to stay.
Enlighten and leave,
the cycles recede,
and birth is at death,
a spiritual world of love and light is all that will be left,
without our skin we look within and see at our best,
the problems we had in life were nothing but a test.
Individual strength brings you closer to the source,
so never look back in remorse.
Written on 2/20/17
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
I feel like a burden, an inconvenience, a waste of breath, a waste of time, annoying all living things that come near me. I can't shake this feeling and I cry to myself, I cry myself to sleep, I hide my face as I weep, from my family and friends, even my pets. I don't want them to see me upset, to be more of an inconvenience. Don't ask me if I'm okay, don't waste your time, I've done enough of that already, I'm just down, down and steady.
Written on 4/1/17
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