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Nylee Mar 2020
Work left office
And came right at home,
the hours don't start
And the calls don't end.
The laptop glued to my hand,
My eyes burning with the screen
No more commute, no sun
I miss those cafeteria tables.
Feasting on every snack,
No time for lunch and dinner
I don't even leave my bed
Typing away my life.
tinkerbell Sep 2019
the clock struck twelve, but i still didn't write.
in a room with only the laptop screen
and the blinking cursor as a guide,
it's impossible to find something interesting
that the administrators can consider.
then the thought of your hair loose, swaying as you run
breezily passed my thoughts
and soon enough
the blank page in front of me
was filled a supercut of us.

they were fuzzy memories, hazy ones.
but i felt more cozy and warm
as the video added snippets after snippets,
moments after moments.
my eyes started to blur as i re-witnessed
(after a long time of denial)
the love i felt for you, and still feel.

i'd rather chase you for that ice-cream scooper,
let you read those novels while i count the times you blink,
sleep on your shoulder,
and mouth "go idol!" in the audience
while you perform on stage with unsure confidence
rather than impress those administrators
with fake dreams and promises
of wanting to be accepted in another environment,
where i don't breathe the same air as you do.

as i look out of my window,
i notice that the moon is full and bright,
smiling, i remember you telling me that,
at least, we'll look up at the same sky.
and now with my attention back at the screen,
the supercut was over
and all that's left was the blinking cursor,
pulling me back to reality
and back to the administrators.
Mary Shanti May 2019
Open up to me
Like apps awakening
Feed me bits of you in colorful rhymes and pictures
Fill me with the files of your life
Even the ones titled miscellaneous
Even the ones titled don’t open unless an emergency
Even the ones that are hidden far back in the files of other files
Be my meme
My posting in the morning to remind me I am the only one
Send me kisses
Real ones
That look like the kinds you see in movie gifs
Let us be each others laptop of loves learning
Brawlstarsmann Mar 2019
There are things called chromebooks, and they are like laptops
but they have one small difference,
they can fit in your bag,
they can run offline,
they can by used by schools,
they can be monitored,
they are cool
they are lightweight
they are good-looking
and most of all
they are fun to use
this is something close to my heart, so I like it
Jillian Jesser Oct 2018
sitting in a coffee shop
a man is grinning while
he stares at his laptop
the light from the screen
reflects off his glasses
and his eyes are great
white orbs and he
smiles and smiles and
all I can think is
that I will never
hear you sing again
Elizabeth Brown Oct 2018
A portal to another world,
glass so thick that I'm unsure I'll ever pass through.
There you dwell, constant and incredible,
so close to me,
so far from you.
This window, often changing,
goes with me on my journeys.
In size and shape it varies-
but you remain
Still, what I wouldn't give to pass through
that teasing threshold
and into your warm and waiting arms.
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