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While sin enslaves,
Jesus Christ saves,
Why carry around the burdain,
When Christ is willing to carry it for you,for your own gain?
Look,we all fall short of His glory,
We cease to become holy,
But His redemption is always available,
Getting over sins guilt is hard,but its do-able,
Wipe clean your conscience with Christs love,
Not that you'll be as innocent as a dove,
But that your soul will be at peace.
God is a great and forgiving God,He's the reason for this piece.
Jesus Christ saves.
Jesus Christ loves us all no matter what,if He died before we even knew of Him,why doubt His love,He loves,forgives,redeems.Its never too late to love Him again.
I was once full of damnation,
But you called me and gave me salvation,
You saved me from evils' manipulation.
Anger was my motivation,
And desire for wrong things;my inspiration,
I had no hope for a future heavenly nation.
All I knew was condemnation,
But Christ,you took my hand and swept me off my feet,
Taught to me how to dance to your beat,
And my life is no longer under "the heat".
Not because I'm naïve ,
He's saved me on countless occasions,
So yes I believe,
Tried living life astray but it brought some crazy complications.
I believe in God,
My prayers get answered no matter how old,
His love is just so wonderful
His mercies beautiful,
His grace everlasting,
And the knowledge of Him;fulfilling.
Yes I believe in God,
And yes I do love God.
I'm so hopelessly weak without my God,
I am a believer.
Jesus Christ is my Saviour.
Tasting blood,sweat and tears all at once,
Carrying a cross for undeserving fans,
That's how much He loves us,
Let's take Him wholeheartedly,and  quit taking His word as a fuss.

Bet it was possible for Him to fly,
But no,He just had to die
He was in flesh and blood,He felt the pain no lie,
And yes,He did cry.

Lo and behold!a new passage to God was made,
For our sins He had paid,
Our own duty was and still is to just accept that free precious gift of salvation,
And abandon the place of spiritual thirst,unrest and stagnation.
Marisa Lu Makil Feb 2015
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██████—if you’re not
-—██—— embarrassed
—-██—— to tell others
—-██—— that you
—-██—— believe in God
Unashamed of the love of Jesus Christ
IsReaL E Summers Dec 2014
I have dreamed a dream
Deep inside of me
Of pulling souls from the grave
Breaking chains off the slave
Be brave.
There isn't much time left.
Secrets cannot be kept
Null Sep 2014
Who would have thought the pigment of our skin could cause such controversy?
For looking the way I do I must conform to the expectations of society.
If I could shed my skin like a snake maybe you'd finally understand that I am just like you.
I cannot act a color the same way you cannot see a sound, and I will not apologize for who I was born to be.

— The End —