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Saif Jun 2018
Shes's the pretties carrier of a soul,
A Damsel fallen through a wonder hole;
She bounces in joy all around the place,
A moment she's here, and another she's everywhere.

Her face round like the softest stress ball,
Eyes with a diamond's shine
Hair fallen down the shoulder like a waterfall.

Ohh My!! I tell you
She's like a divine doll
She's as cheerful as a bird in dawn
She's got flair of grass in a fine uncut lawn.

He never touched her, never spoke to her or even said a Hii
Just kept getting mesmerized from the Corner of an Eye !!!
Saif May 2018

There was this inncocent little soul
I wouldn't say a boy or a girl
All it longed for was happiness and happiness was it's only goal.

In childhood it ran behind the ball and jumped over fences
In highschool went to ball and enjoyed the lovely dances.

Traveled the world, met different souls, married and had children.

Never could it find happiness as all these were just joyful events,

As it went through albums over and over
Alas, found the true solution.

Ran back home and dived into the lap of it's MOTHER!!
love your mother

— The End —