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Timothy hill Oct 2017
I've seen a cloth in the form of an spirt.
And it was near and around an ancient old kitchens.
There where bubble's floating and the cloud's where made of sand witches.
So, I packed my belonging's and headed for some mountain's.
There's were I met a giant stallion his hair was silky and smooth.
He could speak so he told me what to do!
Grasp for my hair we shall set our focus too the moon.
And then wait till half past noon
For the apples and oranges to taste like .festoon.
And, now what's to be done with these flowers also bloom.
He said in a ramp style attune please only speak when holding some balloons.
Timothy hill Oct 2017
Halloween time, oh how savvy it is to treat.

Eating candy for sport there no chance for a lose.

Tooth fairy's rumble threw cloud's of sugary fame.

And witches hold brooms and ritual there names.

Carvers came from mountain's a little thing in praise.

Now the moons dimed for a new start of a dawn day.
Halloween, food, candy fun,
Timothy hill Oct 2017
Her beauty is in her eyes.
Shake away the flight.
Difussion of angery chirps in a cage.
Timothy hill Sep 2017
Hands in a light color tone.
Brilliant and not low.
Shimmers of stone stock.

And now we are heaven.
Timothy hill Aug 2017
Regenerate, the ways in which you might abbreviate.

Always made up here's the rebate.

Did you understand the preference.

It's my main  look toward my own direction.

Generation's of boards fall when the plains river and fail.
Timothy hill Aug 2017
Your like a wave, full of waves in your hair.

Like a high way full of spares.

Always ask people full of there shares.

To be clever, and learn a new fare.
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