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Brian McDonagh Oct 2018
A bishop accused of ****** harassment,
My behavior out of control:
Screaming, frustration, anxiety-anger,
No girlfriend
Even with the effort,
Pushing others aside,
Welcoming new ideas
But later parasitizing their freshness
By shunning those too,
New people
That become not-so-new
Annoying me,
The strain of the workforce.
Fine, the rest of the world can handle it,
But there's something in me that just can't
Win, that can't hold up my person.
Looks like it's back to square one...
Ugh, can this year end already??
Meandering Mind Sep 2018
this jumbled mess
skyrockets my stress

i see this chaos of tangled lines
i feel anxiety welling up inside

how's it possible to go in just a day
from neatly arranged to disordered this way

laws of entropy can go to hell
universal disorder makes me feel unwell

don't have the patience, the panic roars
trying to untangle these **** headphone cords
Caitlin Jun 2018
I can't write in the silence.
I write best, when there is music playing through my headphones.
When, part of my brain is preoccupied singing along to whatever is on the radio-
and to some that may seem counterproductive.

It's like suddenly, my inhibitions and fears of saying the wrong thing disappear and I can write freely.
Like being drunk, without the consequences.

I wish I was in the point in my life, I could simply say the words I need to say, instead of typing them.
This probably doesn't even make sense and I'll probably delete it later on
Midnight Mar 2018
My thoughts
Right now
Are scrambled
And prominent

They're dancing
While I watch
I'm trying
To contain them

And once
I catch them
You appear
And they escape
Kaels Dec 2017
are we even real
what is breathing
how do we exist
why are we here
does anything actually matter
are we all alone
is this a simulation
or are we all dead
maybe I'm just dead
and I'm a ghost
and no one has the heart
to actually tell me
or maybe I'm the only one alive
and I don't even know it
is this afterlife
do we live in multiple dimensions
and its all a test
and we pass the test
and move on
to the next stage of being
but does anyone know
how can we be sure of anything
when we are told
what to think
from the moment
we enter this world

still adding questions......forever
Nick Moser Nov 2017
No one understands my poetry.
Because no one understands me.

Hell, I don’t even understand me sometimes.

And maybe that’s why thesewordsareallstartingtoruntogetherandbecomeunrecognizable.
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