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Jul 2014
It begins innocently, just a twitching
Behind the tip of my nose
I absently rub it away
Still present in our conversation.

The sensation grows into a relentless itching
Unleashed upon the roof of my mouth.
I chastise the insolent itch with my tongue
And return to our earlier discussion.

A sudden complete blank, I can only anticipate in futility
Waiting at the edge of my breath, i wonder
'Is this it?', as I wait for it to take over
But it subsides just as quick, leaving me gasping for air.

Tears come to my eyes, I feel it return again
And the unholy violence held in that second
Makes me heave and convulse momentarily
As my body betrays me to a more primal instinct.

Its over, I look up to see
A grimace and my sneeze plastered across your face
"Excuse me", I mumble shamefully
"Bless you", you mutter behind your tissue.
After a particularly unproductive day, largely spent sneezing, I just had to write a piece on it :P
Aditya Shankar
Written by
Aditya Shankar  25/M/India
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