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missanthrope Aug 2021
give me some more
of that

i want some more
of that

you’re the best
i’ve ever had
you’re the best
i’ve ever rubbed on.

give me
every last drop
of yourself—
baby .
Poetress2 Apr 2019
Pigs wallow in mud.
It is like Suntan lotion,
for their tender skin.
Arden Mar 2019
you know what's creepy about humpty dumpty? they never said it was an egg
don't you dare sounds normal, but do not you dare sounds weird
envelopes are strange. its like here's a paper wrapped in paper that i sealed with my saliva
butter is food lotion
when you wait for the waiter you are the waiter

How much pain do I have go though until giving up is okay?
Just Maria Jul 2018
I itch and itch everyday
I scratch and scratch but it won't go away
What causes it I'm not so sure
I just wish there was a cure

It could be the bugs in my bed
Or maybe it's all in my head
I tried pills I tried lotions
I've even tried homemade potions

All the doctors say that I'm insane
All they want to do is study my brain
I went home and started to cry
I guess I'll itch till the day I die
I posted this poem at another site where Itching was the subject.
sadgirl Aug 2017
i have cravings for you

midday, i make my trip
from my brooklyn brownstone

to purchase you,
a woman with a chip in her tooth

and a painted-lip manicure
hands you to me

i treasure you,
feel your weight between

thumb and forefinger,
stashed in my bones

like the ocean you were
born from

i hold your on my
way outside, look

down the street
in awe

because in this city
everything shines

and when you peel back
the layers of skin

it's curious, what
a mistake a body

could make
Allyssa Jun 2017
Soft sand and hot beaches,
Wild winds and beach *****,
Towels and sun tan lotions.
A little girl as old as six,
Kicking up broken shells and sticks.
Wind-blown sand ripped across her bare ankles,
Hair a mess,
Full of tangles.
Squishing sand between little toes,
Little miss curious with cheeks of rose.
A toothy grin turned up to the sun,
Laughter ringing through the crowd,
A mother calling out, "Go have fun!"
Long dark hair bouncing through the crowd,
Skipping back to the shore,
Smiling faces all around.
Suppressed memories of a little girl the age of six,
Something remembered,
A mind to fix.
Suppressed memories breaching the surface.
Nameless Sep 2014
It was 4am and Bill bit me
My two arms soar and itchy,
I awoke in discomfort which quickly turned into anxiety and anger
Scratching to ease my pain which temporary ceased
Thoughts of my life, work and my insecurities burned to my attention
******* Bill! I sighed, he's awaked my anxieties too early
Seething now, feeling redder and redder I wondered why Bill didn't let me be
Id had enough and got up to apply some lotion
Slowly my pain began to soothe and I drifted away
Awake now at 9am
Somewhat calmer, my insecurities still present but other thoughts present too
I ponder on what lotions I can use

— The End —