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Sauvik Dey Jun 2019
With no make on and eye lash hangin’
Pumping on E. bassy travelling the subway
Friday jumps on you, with expectation galore: Drink, gloat, sitting on-
Refurbished old rustic sofas on the far end of the bar.

Would your TGIF be a spent screaming over the music?
To make yourself heard with sweaty drunk happy hearts grinding?
Or would it be a cosy comforter holding you tight-
While you binge on anything scrolled now since the dragons flew?

Measuring ourselves to our own scales is-
Scary, if mildly put; social beings we are, to be, is a need-
But contentment may lie in unexpected unsocial moments sometime then-
As the years grey by, clear becomes the crystal, ever much so.

Random thoughts of a wandering mind;
Smother not, caress quietly- tune into some AI’d playlist;
Put on that conversation repellent, we all call earphones
And glow warmly in your sweet company, for it is TGI’my’F.
Thoughts of an ever running mind
Sauvik Dey Jun 2019
That eerie feeling of impending doom-
Doom that is not Armageddon or apartheid;
But a hiccup that could put a wrinkle on your path
The one, you can feel but not explain.

Your, being, scream caution to your limbs
Your head is in a swirl of mixed emotions
Anger and exasperation sync on an unlikely tandem
Time slows and you could hear the nano clicking ticks.

Sapiens, we are, and we need to believe
For the feel in our jellies, are stories
Floating passed through generations-
Sands of time: unsettling, familiar, close encounters.
Unsettling feeling
Sauvik Dey Jun 2019
Textured bark of a sawed down tree
Reshaped mahogany that you see
Was once a mighty lung for earth to breathe-
Now holds your wall together easy.

Tilting the lens away, keeping steady; in a close encounter with the wood.
‘We, owe nothing to anyone’, though true;
Makes no sense when you **** he very house you ought to live in'
Slash n burn, felling, charcoal making -
But it is turning the hill into a naked land.
Dusty roads, lack of water, scorching heat in the summer and seething cold in winters, all extremes unsuitable for the living.
Living in a village in Manipur, India
Sauvik Dey Jun 2019
Forevermore, a memory is made
Untouched, by anything, but:
The two souls who mould it so-
Inanimate but alive of human touch.

But, sometimes, in a case of 94 to five
The human touch takes a little more then just love
It arrests you, your nectar;
Seething, moulds your sweet surrender sour.

Toxic, to every free flow of your vitality-
Shaming, your existence to their ‘tough life’
Morose, sombre clouds over your brow, wieghing
The blur thickens, you forgo joy, you forgo life.

Somewhere near a silver lining greets, a silent soul:
To who you bare your bruises blue!
Who you’d listen, hug while you bawl your weight away
Maddening, long and arduous walk, though-

From silently staying till the choke gets harder
To moving away when the final straw is drawn;
All it takes is one step-
To be human again, to make new memories-

Of human touch, of love, off broken but a whole heart.
Broken heart healing slowly.
Sauvik Dey Jun 2019
For years did she wait, a worthy lover
One who would caress her soul;
For the many she met and would-
Bared their conscious, elusive remained the soul.

Years in years passed by,
Promises, absurdity and the promised projection
None could keep up, the exponential expectation
Bared their reality, elusive remained the vulnerability.

In crowds of acquaintance, she searched:
Friend’s barely held hands, detached:
The mystery we seek, thrill attached:
The change we seek, comfortable no strings attached.
Love and time healing me
Sauvik Dey Jun 2019
As the water condenses on the skin.
I hold and raise the inviting golden dusty textured liquid to my lips.
Exquisite as it was, it played with convention and I liked it.
So much so that my YouTube feed would full of it today (yes, no point denying my SM dependence)
On a regular day, I would lemonade myself -
To get my sanity back from excruciating hangovers.
But we say not today to the god of mixing.
Infusing ginger ale with Gin and lemon,
It made the holy trinity of crossovers and delivered on a late to office Tuesday me;
Who is pleasantly happy about the ordeal.
Prose to poetry
Sauvik Dey Jun 2019
The golden light caresses the horizon,
Almost like a rainbow flushed out one final go-
Before the world is devoid of light for the next two ‘prahars’ of the day.
The time when we bearing the weights of extended tutoring or -
The day job, come out, to public squares
Take roads illuminated by street lights to a destination where -
There is either a plate of food waiting on or aperitifs to begin a night a revelry.
Both fulfilling.
But, gluttony kicks in, which is almost second nature,
To gorge on (circa Harari, Yuval Noah).
In inebriation, inhibitions take a hike; the decisions to call/text people are usually very wrong.
We need to accept that the things we do then,
It’s what we wanted to do all along but societal/personal pressure - Inhibitors do not let us, which blow off when alcohol blurs them.
Prose to poetry
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