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Apr 2018

Under moonlight you can lose yourself;
Set your inhibitions free and cast away your self-doubt.
The fear may guide you if your life is Hell,
But only you are able to lead yourself out.

If you need somebodies help to save your own life,
Then beg them to aid yourself and let them soothe your strife.
If your future has always remained hidden from your eyes,
Then build yourself a new destiny and make a change.
If everything you used to love, you have now grown to despise,
Then search for a better way to cure your pain.

Hope has always been there, all you need to do is believe;
Nobody can steal your future from you,
If you can keep your eyes open and somehow see.
The happiness you are waiting for is beyond this door;
When you pass through it, close it behind you
And your misery will be with you no more.

Know the score and dream of being loved;
Wishes are created to build a better world for each of us.
Throw down your gauntlet and challenge anything bad, for you are good;
The superhero will never lose,
So face your demons and lift your head up.

Nightmares are just dreams that haven’t morphed into day dreams yet;
Live your life like it is all that you have got and have no regrets.
You will never be able to do enough, so just do your best;
Positive will always end the negative, so always take a forward step.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey
Written by
Aa Harvey
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