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Francie Lynch Apr 2019
I found a hole in my bucket list
Like an hourglass
My dream are slipping,
Dripping on my bare floor.

I should be really ******
Because I'll miss
Entering through unknown doors.

I haven't time to fix the hole,
The grains are moving,
And Mammy's calling her babes home.

My favourite just hit the ground,
Like a blood stain,
Or a sewer vein,
It  makes not a sound.

Two floats in the air,
Three's on the lip,
Four swirls near a hole,
The remaining dreams
Are caught in the eddy;
The final drop's precariously ready.

Eliza's fix would surely falter,
My bucket list can't hold water.
choco is late Mar 2018
A Smithereen of Kindness
Can light up a Whole World of Darkness.
Looking through a rose-colored glasses
Theholycrow Mar 2017
When you've reached the end,
Will you have done all you'd hoped?
Even the small stuff?
Phantom Poet Mar 2017
Author a book,
Compose a music album,
Become a popular cook,
Hold an art exhibition,
Explore innovation,
Ground breaking invention,
Appear on television,
Meet Stan Lee,
Creator of comic action,
Live dangerously,
Learn magic,
Learn lock pick,
Want to build,
Back in time,
To the future,
Explore nature,
And shape the world,
From its failures.
There is nothing I can't do (except eating vegetables)
Janine Jacobs Aug 2015
yesterday you said tomorrow
tomorrow I'll do this,
tomorrow I'll start that
how many tomorrows left in your box?
on your last tomorrow you'll wake up
with a box full of yesterdays
abstraitbeauty Jun 2015
I want to travel and learn about the world.
I want to go to museums and galleries;
and write about my thoughts.
I want to meet new people,while drinking dark rich coffee.
And most of all,
do I want to sleep.
So I can repeat

— The End —