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Their golden hair
Shines brightly in the sun
Not too terribly serious
My jesters, my cousins
My beautiful comedics
You have provided me with relief
You joined the rebellion
Because you believed in a cause
That was so much bigger than anyone
You were tired of being taken advantage of
So you joined us
Told me about everything
And when people died
You brought relief
Jesters dear,
I love you so
I will never ever let you go
I'm so sorry I let you down
Here's a description of my Jesters! The brothers Farely (name inspired by the book Red Queen by Vitoria Aveyard!!) both dying in battle after telling her they would always be there for her to lift her spirits. They were twins, and they died for a cause. A cause they believed in. I will miss you, brothers Farely.
Solaces Jul 2015
Ekoj & Rekoj
The demon jesters of the pocket plain darkness..
Found a way to make it back..
They smile at all the light they can consume here..
They spin and jump..
Ringing shadow bells on their heads..
Creating empty shade tones..
They dark walk through the cosmos and find their first star..
They ring around it and shadow laugh themselves nearly to death..
The young star dies as it shatters in their shadow laughter..
The demon jesters smile as they dark walk toward their second star..
Where great light shines, the smallest of darkness can dim..
Arlo Disarray May 2015
I want to lick all the clown paint off of your face
Undo your motley pants, and give you a good taste
I'd love to ring your bells as I make you my fool
Dance for your queen, and follow my rule!

I want to make you dance around so I can smile
And you may beg for rest, but you'll receive denial
I love you, harlequin with your silly, foolish ways
You'll make good entertainment for my remaining days
Love you, Just Jester (Ormond). <3

You make a fantastic Fool.
Seán Mac Falls Sep 2014
Fraud identities—
Hack poets praising themselves,
  .  .  .  Wait for accolades.

— The End —