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I read the newspaper stained in black
I watch the television covered in blood
I listen to the corrupted comebacks
Coming from the people I used to love

The world holds so much negativity
As I try to escape my own
I cower from the harsh world outside
Counting my reasons to be alone

I shouldn't have to keep living in fear
But I was also raised that way
Hiding so cowardly is where I exceed
As I count my reasons to stay

Out there is a world where I fall and fail
While my inner world consumes me
Overstimulated and stressed in all kinds
I just want to be at ease
Aaron Feb 28
Guess you're gone again
Watched you walk away;
You always said breathe out then in;
Know you'll be back someday.

Same seeks same to find its home
Not meant to chase the vogue
Some souls are surely made to roam
Rebel always chooses Rogue.

And rebels need a reason
We can’t abide bad laws; yet
Against the heart there is no treason
When standing for a Cause.

Always loved unspoken things
Like the thrill of open sky
Every bird must find its wings
To let go of fear and finally fly.

Beneath your chest there beats a fire
A powerful creature that needs to be free
Weave these words into the pyre
This is who you’re meant to be.

And I refuse to be your cage,
Won’t bind your feet or blind your soul
Won’t consign you to dance on broken stage, ‘cos
You’re meant for more than that role.

Can’t hide a sky of stars in a box
Can’t bottle a boundless tide,
Can’t block nature behind black locks,
Though I’m ashamed to say I’ve tried.

If you must fade to find your grace
Because you’re made of art,
Just know you always have a place
Wherever waits this heart.

You’re always free to go, and
Seek each untraveled road;
Build your dream abode.

Just please hear this song
That I’ve been singing all along:
I’ll always prove your fears were wrong, for
Some things will not erode.
Aaron Feb 21
So this is what inspiration feels like:
When it's come time to take a hike,
And every fork is a new road to take
Every choice is another path to make
Every word is another leaf to rake
Every thought is free -
What a wonderful gift for me.

The mind is strong, so
No thoughts are wrong
Or out of place;
Fear bites no grace.

To those who choose just love:
Your light outshines the dove;
'Cos for all that you may know,
You still make room for worlds to grow.
People tend to forget her
As if she was a chameleon
Blending into conversations
Wearing a shape shifter's skin
She tend to mirror other people
Just to learn how to fit in
But like a mirror, unknowingly
She reflected what was within
A mind teaser, a people reader
She was who she was with
A mixture of absorbed characters
Like a cauldron of characteristics
If I'm always the odd one out
I must follow where everyone goes
Regardless whether I want it or not
Just to keep everyone close
I've been conditioned to learn
From others, to always want more
More friends equates to more love
Be more successful than before
But fame and fortune do not excite me
I relish in private solitude
I'm reshaping my view on difference
As a preference I'm willing to pursue
I don't want to be
The center of attention
There for all eyes to see
I want to be acknowledged
And recognized for just being me
I don't want to be known
For my struggles
But I want to be noticed
When I'm struggling
Not for everyone to see
Just one is enough
Just one who understands me
Henk Holveck Oct 2018
I strive to be the best lover I can be,
Not to say I am without faults,
Forgiveness flows through my blood,
Just don't take advantage of this.

Love blinds when it is true,
Over and over again,
Various personalities, lives collide,
Every wound from the ones before vanish.

Love that dies was never there, to begin with,
One has to wonder why it begins,
You can give your heart to one, or to thousands,
Although love is just a game of luck in the end,
Losing is not for those who cannot afford to play.
Danneli Jun 2018
Pause for a moment
A moment in true
I know who you are
And these words are for you

Now take a deep breath
Listen closely to me
Look into my words
And tell me what you see

I know you won't stop
You'll read with a glance
What you do not know
Is my heart's in your hands

Within my soft words
The poems I write
Is a piece of my mind
Only now in the light

The stories I tell
May not be my own
But they are still there
Whether real or unknown

I warn you, my friend
That the key to my mind
Is through what I write
And what I let you find.
Sierra Blasko May 2018
I am fascinated by the fire
I could sit and watch its dance
Sit and listen
To the snap-crackle song of it
For hours

Something in it calls to me
In the dark places of my heart
Maybe that is why I stay
So far away

Because if I let it
It will take hold of my hand
Crawl its fingers up my arm
And lodge its heat in my soul

Like the sliver of ice
And the poisoned kiss
That made Kai forget
His love
His home
His name
I may forget
That I am not fire too

If I let it
It will set me ablaze
And I will not stop
Until coals and ashes
Stain my feet
And the whole world burns
Around me
This is, I think
the dark side of an infj
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