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Oliver O'Connor Apr 2019
staring at the clouds
one of them looks just like you
grimace and unloved
Stark Dec 2018
Pained expression on your face
Grimacing as you return your gaze to meet mine
It physically hurts for you to talk to me
A stark reminder
Of what you’ve lost

Everything is open
Like a gaping wound
All the cards have been revealed
And you let the grief engulf you

Falling backwards into the crushing sea
Waves cascading
Salty--for the tears that you have shed
falling into the sea of grief
Within a mortal's lifespan
There is a dream that they wish to see through
As for my dream
I dream that I can see yours come true
Through loved and lost
I know not when this dream is due
But I know that I wish to be there and achieve it with you
Äŧül Jun 2017
Every step of mine
Is in your pursuit.
Wherever you may be
You are in my vision

When the bond is of pain,
Then how bad is separation.
As only they get separated,
That were always wanted.

You are hidden within,
In my heart my friend.
If not inside my smiles,
Then surely in my grimaces.

Every step of mine
Is in your pursuit.
Wherever happiness is
There lies my success.
My HP Poem #1608
©Atul Kaushal
Vexren4000 Dec 2016
A grim hymn is what I sing,
a cold line recited from no place of feeling.
A condition to be met.
A world that melts away,
At the hands of age.

simran Jul 2015
She sat there grimacing,
with paintings on her arms.
a plaster sitting on her face
words unsaid.
And a story written on the walls
filled with pain and disgrace.

The night changes and confides.
the world ignores,
turning away every eye.
Loneliness screams and
echoes within .
This feels like a punishment
for an undone sin.

— The End —