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Damien Carmer Apr 2018
Whisper it, don't let them hear.
Be careful; it's them you should fear.
Follow them, do what they say,
And for your sake, don't run away.
Their hearts are as black as black can be.
Their souls chill you to the bone, don't you see?
They'll lure you into their arms and tear you apart.
Then they'll **** the blood out of your heart,
Leave you gasping for air that surrounds you.
I know it sounds unreal, like it's not true,
But don't look at them, don't ask who they are.
Their darkness surrounds us from afar.
Don't provoke them, don't make them mad,
For if you do, the outcome could be bad.
The demons will rise through the land.
The darkness will clasp your cold, icy hand.
You'll remember all your darkened power,
And the demons will rise in the night's darkest hour.
They'll lead you to a darker path,
And you'll be the one to unleash the demon's wrath.
Donna Mar 2018
The icy wind is
raging taking its anger
out on the poor trees

Snowflakes on windows
make a nice pattern like a
pretty net curtain

I can hear the wind
howling mad unable to
take a short breather

A little wagtail
hurried along path trying
to warm up it's feet

I love my Chalet
walls a soft grey against a
picture of home time

A Mother's Day pink
balloon shape like a heart dressed
in gold elegant print

My children so kind
All there hearts put together
Making me smile wide

Still floating from last
Sunday because love never
dies it floats always

The heaters give a
small warmth , me and dean had a
lovely big fry up

Mushrooms and omelette
Fried tomatoes and baked beans
Warm toast and coffee

Yes it a cold day
But our little square home gives
us enough happy

The grass has gone white
Maybe daylight as frozen
time upon earths ground

Seagulls fly in sky
Ignoring the nutty winds
I'm glad I'm indoors

where the kettle can
boil and the old cooker
can still cook up food

Even the ocean
is waving crazily , so
I waved back and smiled :)
Tis freezing today x
Kartikeya Jain Feb 2018
"And she would run her
gentle, icy fingers
through my hair
like frosty wind
would caress me
on cold winter mornings."
Megan Parson Jan 2018
Pondering whence the Sun will harmless lay,
Hurting, no more the beauty, I array.
Inkling to destroy two months away,
Little did he know.

Ice melts slower than snow,
Peaceful rivers begin to flow.
Indeed i speak the truth,

Letting biting cold do my will,
Out i look, upon many a blue hill.
Vines have ceased to entwine,
Entranced, frozen in frosty time.

Utterly desolate, purely divine.
*The Snow Queen. A wintery write, trying to pen what a Snow Queen must feel, if she were real !!!
Jenny Gordon Jan 2018
Well, and that doesn't even account for having been buried with Mum's remains.  


Rain...lo, the ditches were quite full cuz thence
All could but hardly drive, and in betrayl
Slid off the roads since ice was that detail
Upon all lanes, police too, for intents
Cast in such straits, ah we discussed it hence
To put my visions of that party's bail
Thus on its ear like plans are fragile, they'll
Assure me, "you might hafta find defense."
Therefore I pray, as she sends out in tour
Reminders "It's tomorrow!--" (yes, I knew)
And "...don't forget!" like Janry is not poor
For such things here in Lincoln's Land.  We do
So much, yet for what cause?  To sweetly stir
Souls is't?  Friends:  I'd forgotten joys' thin crew.

L5-8 I swear, men love to scare their women, loving brothers no exception, probably cuz they do love their sister...and the LORD delivered us, mercifully.
Warren Bodnaruk Jan 2018
The soft crush of snow,
Screams beneath
your frozen feet,
As you follow
The icy forest path.
Frostbitten kisses,
Paint your rosy face,
With cold uncertainty,
As Northern sunlight,
Gasps and fights,
Against shortened days,
That snow-blinds us,
With blue sky lies,
And restless desires,
For distant, warmer days,
And distant, warmer lovers,
Who won't embrace you.
Britney Lyn Dec 2017
You broke up with me on a cold winter night.
Each word hitting me like a speeding bullet, not one missed.
And I remember watching the breath leave my body,
My ice sculpture heart shattering in that stand still moment.
A song I have stuck on repeat, singing the haunting song of forever,
Into ears that never once believed another word from the boys with beautiful eyes.
The world looks like December, bitter, and always in the landscape of you.
KKM Mar 2017
staple a gun to your heart and call on the sun to melt the silver pieces into one, what i'm trying to say is put yourself back together and let the warmth radiate from your body like it used to, once i saw flowers pouring out your ribcages, now i see icicles freezing over your eyes but don't lose colour in your paints because at least when your brush hits the surface it carries something more than a gunning fresh start and less than a silver burden
Panda Jan 2017
Icy Winds of Lost Friendships
Surround my Soul Today
I Used to Count,
All my Friends on One Hand
But I Pushed All But One Far Away
Off the Bridge of Love and Respect
Is Where I Threw Them Out
No More Simple Humans
To Care About Me
Im Fine, Without a Doubt
Robin Goodfellow Jul 2016
Prayers amongst the cold

I saw you there
weaving pretty lies
along edges of night,
with all your hellish plights,
as you lose sight,
of your innocent light.

Prayers amongst the cold
eve of unquiet

I saw you there,
screaming your past regrets,
crying out what needed to be said,
while following the blood you've bled,
as you dye your childhood red.

Prayers amongst the cold
words of forgotten

I saw you there,
with your abandoned sails,
your dreams and everything you've failed,
neglecting the praises you've hailed,
while traveling the icy gales.

Prayers amongst the cold,
for the weeping stories
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