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stopdoopy Mar 2019
You make me go back to the beach
The light breeze your caress
Sun as warm as your smile
Water icy like your words

And I try to float in this sea you made
Tumultuous, and salty as your are
But I'm choking down lungful's
Crying for help

And you let me drown
And it's almost calm down here
On the bottom where I can't breathe
Cause at least I'm out
Of the riptide's reach
"She's a riptide queen and she's super mean"
~Christi Michaels~December 2015~

the air presents tranquility
zephyr winds which blow on high
swirling within the troposphere
veiled serenity
clouds stealthy shift
covering brilliant, poignant stars
air masses
a juxtaposition
tension exists between...
yet unseen.
the sky illuminates..sparks of light
swarms of fireflies 
ubiquitous in flight
there is a calm
steady as a drone
unwavering in its commitment
to a reality yet unknown.

till the shift proceeds
balance moves to tilt
calm planes of matter
Present ready to meld

celestial balance
no longer in alignment
exploding outward 
defying confinement
fragile realization
of a squall revealed
friction surmounts
air becomes thick
atmosphere now dense
expanding as it pulls in

a tempest has arrived
opposition exists
shards of electricity
violently ripping open
the sky above

zephyr winds which
blow on high
the inevitable calm before the storm

* * * * *
Copyright © 2014 Christi Michaels.
All Rights Reserved.

— The End —