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Zack Ripley Oct 2021
My 400th poem

At this point in life, I don't really care
whether I'm wrong or right.
I'll be whoever, whatever I have to be.
As long as I can fall asleep at night.
ShininGale Dec 2020
I have been patient with you and the rest of our race,
all I did was to play the role and have a taste.
Taste of being nice and good at times like this, how come
you're mad when it's you whose in fault.

"A little more, a little more, bare and hold it in"
a thing I say to myself when you're clearly guiltless.
You turn your words onto me when it's time to confess,
tell me! is it that hard to know what is 'oppressed'.

I held myself and my fist, even though I'll win.
well, clearly you know and knew it's not my thing.
that's why you limit me with everything.
I was just trying to be nice and you just ended me.

Remember, I'm Older.
Ain't my intention to spread negativity or what, but have you ever had a 'sib...' who you love and cherish, but at times like you truly see that favorites are the worst. They choose who to follow, they choose who to respect...despite being the same with the older ones. I tried my best always and few times, to be able to be a good person, a better child and the best sister I could be. Never let anyone abuse your good works and hard tries, never let yourself be trapped in guilt when you decide to go and live in peace.

P.S. Pardon me for I think my writing is confusing and mixed up, perhaps I feel like sugar coating things that's why it's harder to explain nor express, maybe I am.
nina Aug 2020
as long as i hold in the sting,
& my eyes don't betray my smile,
as long as i don't say the wrong thing,
this will make it all worthwhile.

i assure you, there is no depth,
nothing but a mannequin in disguise,
what you see, what you get,
only blankness behind the eyes.

painting these cell bars pink,
trading reality for daydreams,
stubbornly refusing to stop & think,
unless it's in extremes.

will this hollowness continue to grow?
can i escape the apathetic nightmare?
i don't ever really know,
& i don't seem to really care.
i think happiness & stability bores me at this point...
Zack Ripley Dec 2019
I don't know where you are
And frankly, I don't care
Because the air tastes so much sweeter
Without you here.
FL Dec 2019
I’ve been blinded by the light
I’ve been taken from the cave
I can no longer fight
I can barely behave
I envy all, who still believe
In anything at all, I wish I wasn’t free
I’ve been sitting in the void, for far too long
And any time I try to be like you all
Before I can love the shadows on the wall
I’m dragged out kicking, swinging from the hole
I don’t know what to do anymore
I don’t want to change anything at all
There’s no cause I feel any way about
And even myself I could do without
I see you on your phone, so self involved
Chasing money, fame and love through a machine
But who am I to judge, those lovely screens
That help me for a bit, suspend my disbelief
No one likes their job, no one likes their lives
Everyone pretends everything’s alright
No wonder we are sick, we’ve been living a lie
But lying is easier than starting a fight
Sketcher Jul 2019
She’s poetically inclined,
E. E. ******* in her mouth,
I make sure her lips are lined,
With that feel good vibe,
That she gets with my ****,
She says she wants to ride,
But she’s feeling kinda sick,
And her *****’s like the tide,
Coming at me during night,
No receding shorelines,
She assures me that she’s fine,
But I can see it in her eyes,
The distaste,
Just the kind,
Of sickness,
That I’d rather not take,
But tonight,
I don’t mind.
Childish Gambino was my inspiration.
empire ants Nov 2018
He walked along my path.
He wasn't expected.
A variable I had never calculated.
His heavy, confident footsteps shifted the sands of my mind
And I find that not everything makes sense anymore.
I'm always covered in blood.
Sometimes it's mine. Sometimes it's not.
But he makes me feel alright about it.
All the time.

He stood in my way.
I had seen him around before.
I had never thought to speak to him, until then.
His precise, light footsteps left a mark in the mud of my mind
And I'm left surprised, shocked, uncomprehending.
He's always covered in blood.
He concerns me, scares me,
But he has a twinkle about him that leaves me wanting more.
And so I took it.
this b about a short story i wrote with a friend ****
e J Mar 2018
You once said I was loud so I became quiet
You once said I was selfish so I started to care more for others than myself
You once said I was illiterate so I flooded my brain with books and inarticulate words
You once said I was ugly so I put on so much makeup I was borderline unrecognizable


But then it’s too quiet
Then it’s self neglectant
Then it’s nerd
Then it’s fake

I couldn’t do anything right

You once said I was ***** so I wore short skirts and crop tops just like the rest of them
You once said I was different so I fit as much of myself that I could into a perfect little mold
You once said I was husky so I stopped eating lunch
You once said I was lonely so I started befriending more guys than I could count


But then it’s ******
Then it’s wanna be
Then it’s anorexic
Then it’s *****

Trying got me nowhere and i’ll never be like everyone else
But wait.
Why would I want to be?
Since when I did I care about all that?
I was not loud I am just expressive
I was not selfish I’m just not open
I was not illiterate I’m just still learning
I was not ugly I just have flaws

Why did I believe you in the first place?

I was not ***** I just rock a turtleneck
I was not different we are all unique
I was not husky I just had thighs for days
I was not lonely…am not lonely.

So why would I change myself for the likes of you?
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