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Don’t ever ask me to care or be there! When you told me there was nothing here......for me.
I started supporting you, I started listening to you. Even with me trying, you wanted me to stop, so I stopped.
UA Feb 26
Why? Darling, did you not know,

If ghosts could truly sing
Let them sing for you
Cause you've woken me from the dead

And if the sun could turn into a diamond piece
It'll go to you, let it be said

You're the light of my life, and you brighten this Earth,
You're a star, you're my sun, and I orbit you because it's what you're worth.

From afar, I can see, and up close I believe that your warmth is my serenity.

I love you, and no holiday is needed for you to feel it.
A gift can start there, but nothing can take my love for you away, other than Death himself.

So, my sweet and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious darling, my prince, my princess, my everlasting potato, my warming sun, my cooling moon, and my so much better than better half.

My love for you is my only excuse for falling so deeply in awe when I stare at you.
To: Food
From: Me
polka Nov 2018
He walked along my path.
He wasn't expected.
A variable I had never calculated.
His heavy, confident footsteps shifted the sands of my mind
And I find that not everything makes sense anymore.
I'm always covered in blood.
Sometimes it's mine. Sometimes it's not.
But he makes me feel alright about it.
All the time.

He stood in my way.
I had seen him around before.
I had never thought to speak to him, until then.
His precise, light footsteps left a mark in the mud of my mind
And I'm left surprised, shocked, uncomprehending.
He's always covered in blood.
He concerns me, scares me,
But he has a twinkle about him that leaves me wanting more.
And so I took it.
this b about a short story i wrote with a friend ****
e J Mar 2018
You once said I was loud so I became quiet
You once said I was selfish so I started to care more for others than myself
You once said I was illiterate so I flooded my brain with books and inarticulate words
You once said I was **** so I put on so much makeup I was borderline unrecognizable


But then it’s too quiet
Then it’s self neglectant
Then it’s nerd
Then it’s fake

I couldn’t do anything right

You once said I was ***** so I wore short skirts and crop tops just like the rest of them
You once said I was different so I fit as much of myself that I could into a perfect little mold
You once said I was husky so I stopped eating lunch
You once said I was lonely so I started befriending more guys than I could count


But then it’s ******
Then it’s wanna be
Then it’s anorexic
Then it’s *****

Trying got me nowhere and i’ll never be like everyone else
But wait.
Why would I want to be?
Since when I did I care about all that?
I was not loud I am just expressive
I was not selfish I’m just not open
I was not illiterate I’m just still learning
I was not **** I just have flaws

Why did I believe you in the first place?

I was not ***** I just rock a turtleneck
I was not different we are all unique
I was not husky I just had thighs for days
I was not lonely…am not lonely.

So why would I change myself for the likes of you?
My *** drive stays on a thousand..
I find hair pulling, neck ******* to be very fulfilling....the harder you pull...the more my ocean send waves of pure and sluty pleasures thru my body...almost like it's in my blood to be stroked until I become a she-devil...rough play introduced by yours truly...whips..and chains couldn't contain this ****** I want to put on you...the shy me resist the urge to straddle you and give you my fear of you not being able to understand that yours truly is a freak...don't hold back...give me your all... because in about 3 more flicks of that delightful tongue of yours... yours truly will be pulling your hair..arched back...hips rocking..lip muffle the need to call your a low key safe word... ******* me...let's play out all my ***** fantasies... choking me with each stroke... because the real freaks know that choking intensify everything... have no mercy on my sweet spot...because I came to you have now realized I can keep this behavior up for hours...which turn into days... because we both know now we ****** with some inner freaks...I don't want the standard ***... I like everything extraordinary even my *******.... Give me your inner **** star and I promise yours truly will turn that person out...**** standards...I make my own **** me til I *** table..wall...sofa....just to name a few...can be our meet up spot..find the time...I'll lubrication in this freak bag of pleasure... Me is all the **** you'll ever need! Yours truly is a freak that's been unleashed...
Ally Mustin Jul 2017
I came here for criticism
To be loved by many
I came here to share my truth
To see if I was any good
But how will I know
If you don't tell me
So all I ask is to review my work
as if I was good enough to be here
Will i get rejected?
Or will I aspire?
How will I know?
I am not looking for approval.
Just to become a better writer
So if you hate my truth then tell me why.
labyrinths Nov 2016



shouldn't have tho
Raylene Lu Oct 2017
I don't give a ****

The **** doesn't give a smell
The smell doesn't give a cloud
The cloud doesn't give a raindrop
The raindrop doesn't give a splash
The splash doesn't give a ripple
The ripple doesn't give a shiver
The shiver doesn't give a cold
The cold doesn't give a sneeze
The sneeze doesn't give a snot
The snot doesn't give a ******
The ****** doesn't give a dirt
The dirt doesn't give a bacteria
The bacteria doesn't give a rod
The rod doesn't give a fish
The fish doesn't give a fin
The fin doesn't give an end
The end doesn't give a death
The death doesn't give a grave
The grave doesn't give a flower
The flower doesn't give a root
The root doesn't give a plant
The plant doesn't give a strawberry
The strawberry doesn't give a seed
The seed doesn't give a sprout
The sprout doesn't give a leaf
The leaf doesn't give a stem
The stem doesn't give a bud
The bud doesn't give a flower
The flower doesn't give a petal
The petal doesn't give a pollen
The pollen doesn't give a nectar
The nectar doesn't give a honey
The honey doesn't give a sugar
The sugar doesn't give a grain
The grain doesn't give a flour
The flour doesn't a bread
The bread doesn't give a toast
The vein doesn't give a blood
The blood doesn't give a heart
The heart doesn't give me up

And I already told you,
I still don't give a **** about it!
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